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Chesapeake-Sybene Senior Center closes due to coronavirus concerns: Members will be able to get bag lunches on Friday

CHESAPEAKE — The Chesapeake-Sybene Senior Center has shut down temporarily, due to concerns regarding the coronavirus.

Director Darlene Green said she is making sure to contact all of their members every few days to see if they need anything and to arrange assistance.

Green said the center normally serves meals three times a week and, in the absence of those, they are hosting a brown bag lunch from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. on Friday at the center.

Those who drive up to the facility, located in a modular unit beside the Chesapeake Community Center at 3748 State Route 7, will have the meal, consisting of a hot dog, chips, fruit and milk, brought to their car.

Green said this was made possible by donations from county commissioner Freddie Hayes Jr. and DeAnna Holliday, candidates Vallery Dyer, Cole Webb and Mike Patterson and Coal Grove Freezette.

She said she hopes donors will make it possible for them to do more of the lunches.