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Keeping things running

On Sunday, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine announced a stay-at home order as part of the emergency surrounding the coronavirus outbreak.

The order would close all nonessential businesses in the state, in order to decrease human contact and curb the spread of the disease.

However, even in this state of emergency, many will still be showing up to work, in order to make sure the fabric of society remains.

First and foremost are hospital workers, who will be on the front lines of the pandemic, with many medical facilities expected to be swamped in coming days.

There are those at nursing homes and other care facilities, where residents are elderly, disabled and some of the most at-risk for the crisis.

Doing a much-appreciated duty are workers in grocery stores and pharmacies, from cashiers to those who stock the much-needed items, which have gone quick, due to panicked buyers. By remaining open, these stores will ensure that Ohioans have access to food, medicine and needed supplies.

And those stores could not pull this off without those in the trucking and shipping industries, who are working much harder to keep all of these stores stocked. The same goes for postal workers, who will keep the mail going door to door.

These are but a few of those who will report for duty today, as many businesses are temporarily shut down.

If you encounter any of them in the coming weeks, be sure to thank them for the difficult job they are doing. They are key to keeping things running and getting us through the crisis.

On a personal note, during this time, The Ironton Tribune will remain open, bring in you the latest updates for Lawrence County. Our staff will continue their work. The one change is that our building will be closed to the public for now.

If you have questions, our phone lines are still open, and bill can be paid online, through the phone or by mail at PO Box 647, Ironton, Ohio 45638.