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Gallia county resident dies from coronavirus: Was first reported case in Tri-State area

The person in Gallia County who was the Tri-State’s first reported case of having COVID-19 has died.

The case was first reported on Friday.

On Tuesday morning, the Gallia County Health Department announced it in a Facebook post and gave no details about the person for the sake of the family.

“Out of respect to the family we urge you not to speculate on the identity of this individual and allow the family to grieve,” the health department posted. “This is a devastating situation and our thoughts and prayers go out to all those impacted by this tragic passing.”

The health department gave no indication of gender, age, where the person lived in Gallia County or of any underlying causes in the case.

“Our case investigation has been completed and all individuals who may have had contact with a positive COVID-19 case or symptomatic individuals have been notified and given instructions on isolation and quarantine,” the health department wrote. “We assure all of you that a thorough case investigation has been conducted and all relevant parties have been contacted. We thank you for your continued cooperation and support.”

The person was reportedly diagnosed with the coronavirus at a Huntington, West Virginia hospital.