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Hacker’s help was much appreciated

I was at Sam’s last Wednesday with my mom trying to get last minute supplies before implementing social distancing.

We needed help lifting the dog food and cases of water into my car. Mom looked across from us at this tall, handsome, young man, who was talking to a man and woman, if he wouldn’t mind to help us.

He gladly walked over and lifted the supplies into my car. He asked our names and then told us it was nice to meet us and that his name was Shawn. I thanked him and he went on his way into Sam’s.

As I returned my cart, I spoke with the couple that Shawn had been talking to, and asked them his last name. The told me his name was Shawn Hacker and that they had known him for years.

They said he was a great guy and that he was running for commissioner of Lawrence County.

He didn’t mention to us he was running for any office, he was just being a kind human being helping someone in need. He was not out to collect votes, just being a good person helping out others.

But, by his actions alone, if I could vote in the election, I totally would vote for this good guy. We all need to keep being kind to one another.

Thank you Shawn Hacker and good luck in the election.

Virginia Conley

Catlettsburg, Kentucky