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Health department issues guidance for parades

They can go on, with precautions

After a number of complaints about people driving around to support the 2020 graduating seniors on Monday or organizing vehicle parades in honor of birthdays, the Lawrence County Public Health Department has sent out a letter to clarify when and how people can drive around in their vehicles in honor of such events.

“Our understanding is that it will work like this: the honoree is on his/her porch as a parade of cars drive by the house with lights on and horns are honked,” the health department wrote. “In the case of the Class of 2020, seniors sit in their vehicles on a parking lot to watch the parade of vehicles.”

The health department called it a creative way to honor those who can’t physically celebrate together at this time.

The agency reminded people that the coronavirus pandemic is still going on and COVID-19 is both highly contagious and deadly. People need to take precautions to avoid spreading the virus.

The health department put out guidance for people to participate in vehicle parades:

  • No one who is sick should participate in a vehicle parade. Temperatures should be taken before they leave their home.
  • Only people living in the same household should be in the same vehicle.
  • While not mandatory, it is highly recommended that participants and viewers wear masks to decrease the risk of the spread of the coronavirus.
  • If vehicles are parked for the parade, or prior to the parade at a designated meet-up place, they must remain six feet apart from one another. Anyone out of vehicles for any reason must maintain a six-foot distance from another person living in the same household.
  • The director’s order prohibiting gatherings of any number of people outside those living in a single household is still in effect, therefore, viewers and/or participants must not congregate. Parents and/or organizers of these events must take responsibilities to ensure this order is followed.
  • All traffic laws must be obeyed.
  • If the parade takes place in a residential area, please be mindful that there may be people recovering from COVID-19, and disturbances should be kept to a minimum.

The health department said this guidance may be reviewed and modified at any time based on the updated conditions surrounding the spread of the coronavirus.