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Heroes deserve all thanks

Here in Lawrence County, have been fortunate that the coronavirus pandemic has not been as severe as other areas of the country so far.

While there are 24 cases here, closures and a stay at home order are needed to prevent further spread and to minimize infection. Hospitals in the Tri-State, thankfully, have not been overwhelmed.

But in areas of the nation like New Jersey, things have been much more serious.

On our front page today is the story of Kaylin Easterling, of Ironton, who is currently working through an 8-week stint at a long term care facility in Trenton, where dozens of patients have been infected.

She is not alone in going to aid the garden state. Jordan Pinson, also of Ironton, is working there at another facility.

These situations are high risk for health care workers, but Easterling told us, being young and not tied down to a family, she knew she was in a better position to offer much-needed care to residents who are frightened as their daily lives have been upended.

We can not thank these two enough for their dedication to their field and for going to the front lines to help. It is inspiring to know that such selfless people are out there.

There have been many workers from across the Tri-State to take on this mission and we commend them all.

And, locally, we would like to thank all medical workers and first responders for all they have done.

No matter what part of the country they are working in, there is a need for their service during this pandemic and the risks they take every day should be acknowledged.

Their profession is as essential as they come and we are glad to have heroes like them.

And we would ask everyone to listen to Easterling when she urges them to follow health and safety guidelines during this event.

As the state begins a slow reopening, all caution must be exercised to prevent the situation at home from becoming as dire as what urban areas have experienced.