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Nursing homes get pair of special visitors

Since the COIV-19 pandemic began, nursing homes have been closed to visitors, except in end-of-life situations.

With residents stuck indoors, a Pedro woman decided to bring something special to two facilities to cheer them up.

Julie Hankins visited Sanctuary of the Ohio Valley and Harbor Health Care in Ironton on Wednesday, bringing with her a trailer with two horses, Gunner and Joker.

She said she saw a video on Facebook and was inspired to repeat it, bringing the horses to the windows, where residents could ask questions and take photos.

“I thought that was something we ought to do, too,” she said.

Gunner is 15 and part Morgan and Mustang, while Joker is 14 and a Tennessee Walker.

Hankins, who works at A&L Home Care, said she also has mini-horses she takes out and she hopes to bring them back to facilities when restrictions are lifted.

“That will be a more hands-on experience,” she said.