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Editorial: Keeping events safe

This week, members of the Lawrence County Fair Board will meet to address the format of this year’s fair.

Although the state has been reopening from some closures under the COVID-19 pandemic, the virus remains and precautions must be taken.

That is why Gov. Mike DeWine and health director Amy Acton are continuing to urge social distancing and requiring limits on mass gatherings.

Organizers said they expect they will go the same route Scioto County has taken, scaling the fair down to the Junior Fair with 4-H and FFA events.

We here at The Ironton Tribune always enjoy covering the fair and will miss the carnival atmosphere, the sounds of the derby events, the circus performers and the smell of fair food from the midway as much as anyone else.

But, if the fair board decides not having these parts of the fair is the right call, we fully understand and ask everyone to support the decision.

The most important part of the fair is the 4-H events, which serve as a showcase for youth in the county’s farming and we hope that these will still be able to take place.

Unfortunately, we are in this crisis for the long haul and many things we look forward to each year may not take place in their unusual form this year.

The Ironton-Lawrence County Memorial Day Parade, the county’s other signature event, is similarly being scaled down, and spectators are asked to stay home.

This may come as disappointing to many, but people should bear in mind that no one is saddened more to curb events than those who work to bring them to you each year. So please be supportive of efforts keep these traditions going, in some form, for this year.

Lastly, the pandemic has been tough for everyone and we would also urge everyone to consider helping out the 4-H members, who will need an extra boost this year. If you can, please consider donating to the junior fair board’s efforts, or helping the individual members through the livestock sales that take place at the fair.