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EMTs, strong and ready

One of the agencies that is widely used and often overlooked is our local EMS squads.

It takes a lot to be on one of the squads, personally and professionally.

They are the ones that are on the front lines of everything, including dealing with heart attacks, drug overdoses and, for the past several months, the coronavirus.

They may not make the news often, but when you see a television report of an accident, a fire or other emergency, they are there, waiting to offer assistance to those who need it.

Paramedics and EMTs give a lot to do their jobs. Holidays are often celebrated early or late because they have a shift to work. They often have “24s,” which is spending 24 hours in a row at the station, eating and sleeping there so they can go out immediately when a call comes in.

Sometimes, they have to transport patients from a local hospital to another one hours away.

And they have to deal with people when they are in the worst of situations, and they have to do it calmly and professionally, no matter how their patient acts or what they say.

They give a lot to make sure that people get the help they need.

On Tuesday, the Lawrence County Commissioners recognized their work and declared May 17-May 23 as EMS Week with the declaration, adding “EMS Strong, Ready for Today and Preparing for Tomorrow.”

So, if you are out and see a paramedic or EMT, thank them for being there for you, and for all of us.