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Welcome, Class of 2020, to the next chapter

You (Class of 2020) walked out of high school for the last time this year. You are about to enter the next chapter of your life.

Perhaps the best advice that can be given is to be honest with yourself, know who you are and what you want. Then, perhaps some praying and fasting will catapult the newly graduated student into unimaginable success.

Not to worry, time is on your side. Breathe, take it all in, don’t allow others to define you. There is a boatload of opportunities out there and you will have choices to make. Every choice will come with an opportunity cost. One decision will eliminate many others. In other words, if you sign up for college, there will be homework. Choose wisely and open the door to a life of financial security.

I would like to offer some wisdom in your choices. Do not take a break from educating yourself.


Listen up! Don’t allow yourself to turn 25, laying on the couch playing video games with nothing else to show. It happens, it really does.

You’ll never be this young again, make good choices that always begin with honesty to yourself. Take care of your body, it is the only one you have and will be needed to last a lifetime.

Taco Bell hired three employees in the 1990s and, after completing college they left on different paths. The boy now resides in Washington, D.C. with his wife. Girl One now lives near Lexington, Kentucky with her husband. And Girl Two is an Emergency Room RN.— a job she declares God called her to do. She resides in Ohio.

They exchanged drinking for studying. They exchanged hanging with friends for earning extra money working through high school and college. The church played an important role in their success. Some advice they have is to leave home if only for a while. This will allow you to experience many different facets of life. Educate yourself through travel and sightseeing. Make friends wherever you travel but remember to keep some at home too. Be kind to everyone.

The job market is sketchy. The higher up you go in education, the more job opportunities you’ll find. The Boy got a job right out of college traveling across the country all paid for by the company.

Later, he took a job in Boston at a Company where they had food and beer in a refrigerator for employees while you could also bring your dogs to work. He had never heard of such a thing.

Girl Two learned a great deal about how precious each life really is. Working in the ER takes a strong stomach and positive attitude. While Girl One first took an intern at Disney World which gave her benefits like free admission to all the Disney theme parks. After this she decided to try working on a river boat. She traveled up and down the Mississippi River, getting to visit all the popular destinations free, while living on the boat. Then she comes back home and finds Mr. Right.

Life is what you make it. Don’t settle, go for the gusto. Write your own book. Don’t look back and think “What If?”

Washington needs new faces, Hollywood needs writers, Hospitals need doctors and nurses, fast food need managers. If you would prefer to start your own business, perhaps a lawn business would be an idea to think about. You are in the age of technology, and that opens many doors. Pray First! Then go after your dream!

Carla Annette Wilson