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Editorial: COVID-19 is still far from over

We are now several weeks into the beginning of the reopening of the state after the shutdown surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

While officials have encouraged Ohioans to support businesses and patronize establishments, health warnings remain in place.

However, we have seen examples of and have heard from many who have been out to businesses, particularly some of the larger stores, and that a shocking number of customers, often with children, who are making no effort at social distancing or refusing to wear masks.

And in the past week, there have been rallies and protests throughout the Tri-State where footage showed the crowds were packed together far more than they should have been in a pandemic situation.

As summer begins and the likelihood of crowds rises, we will no doubt see more of these scenarios.

The fact is, the coronavirus is still here.

It does not ease up for families who are tired of being at home.

Nor does it become less dangerous, regardless of your passion about an issue.

It is still highly contagious and deadly. The COVID-19 crisis is a long-term one.

We understand that life will not stay stuck at a standstill, but, if you choose to go out, please follow the guidelines — not only for yourself, but for protecting your loved ones and the community around you.