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Letter to the editor: Help keep postal workers safe regarding dogs

The Postal Service continually works to find creative ways to reduce dog bites, which remain a serious concern for our carriers.

Dog bite prevention efforts add an additional level of safety awareness for USPS employees, our customers, and other public service organizations.

One strategy we have incorporated is the PAWS Program.

As part of this initiative, a dog paw sticker will be placed on the outside of a mailbox where there is a known dog in the immediate area.

The sticker would act as a reminder to proceed with caution when the carrier approaches the area. This is especially important if the carrier delivers a package to the door of the residence.

Beginning the week of June 14, we will be placing the paw stickers on mailboxes where appropriate. It is our expectation that the strategy will reduce the incidents of dog bites and attacks, keeping our employees safe. In addition, we hope to avoid costly dog owner liability in the event of an attack. We are grateful for your support and cooperation in this initiative.

Thank you for your help with this very important issue. We are grateful for our community’s support and cooperation in this initiative. We want every delivery to be a safe one.


Patrick Brown