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Ironton Courthouse is reopened with social distancing measures

Taylor Burnette

The Ironton Tribune

The Ironton Courthouse reopened on May 18, but special social distancing measures are still in place to protect the staff of the courthouse and the people interacting with them.

Chris Kline, the Lawrence County Deputy Auditor said that anybody entering the courthouse is required to wear a mask unless they have a doctor’s note stating that they cannot.

Only one member of the family is able to enter the courthouse at a time, that person being whoever needs to enter to do business.

Although they do not have a set amount of people allowed in the building at a time, there are six feet markers on the floor for guests to gauge their distance with.

There are people at the courthouse who sanitize door handles every hour, Kline said.

Kline said the courthouse is also encouraging people to do things remotely or online, when it is possible.

“We’re still encouraging people to do stuff electronically,” Kline said. “If they can use our drop boxes, those are still in place to drop materials off and we are checking those several times a day and just doing everything electronically and via, fax, email, mail, whatever we can do to keep the number of people in the building down.”

Kline said that so far, the general public has been cooperating.