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Letter to the editor: Ohio may likely regret fireworks legalization

Iowa was another state, like Ohio, who decided to legalize fireworks in 2017 and have regretted that action ever since. Most of Iowa’s larger cities now have complete bans.

Whether homeowners insurance policies actually cover damages caused from fireworks is policy dependent.

Once fireworks users are reminded what could go wrong, in my opinion, it’s hardly worth the risk; everything from forest fires, structural/property damage, house fires, deaths, injuries, frightened livestock, pets or wildlife injured running away and/or users could face civil suits for trespassing rockets flying over neighbors property, distress to veterans with PTSD, distress to the elderly, and much more. High technology cell phone cameras and video make it very convenient to record those actions today.

Ohio legislators have passed legislation that will most certainly fail when it comes to keeping Ohio’s citizens safe, particularly our younger citizens.

Jo Huff
Chesapeake Ohio