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Stepping in to fill the gap

When it was announced in May that the Lawrence County Fair, which would have taken place this week, was canceled, the question of what this would mean to 4-H members and their projects was on many people’s minds.

These young farmers put much time, money and effort into raising their animals to show at the fair and the accompanying sale that comes with its close is something they count on each year.

And without a fair, all of that work could have been a loss.

Fortunately, two fair parents, Rob Calaway and Carrie Cheek, stepped in and organized an independent event, the Lawrence County Livestock Show, which will allow young farmers to bring their animals to judges and will present opportunities for sale.

Staffed by volunteers who typically take part in the fair, the socially-distanced show will take place through Thursday and is set to host dozens of families with animal events for multiple species.

We wish all involved well with this event and hope it provides the opportunities these families need.

And, hopefully, next year will see a return of the traditional fair that is such a staple of this county.