Editorial: A first step to a solution

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 7, 2021

The lack of high-speed broadband in parts of Lawrence County has been an issue for some time and, with the COVID-19 outbreak, the divide between rural and urban areas became more apparent.

With schools forced to go to remote learning and many needing to work from home, the need for service became critical.

The thinking of “You live in out in the country, so you probably won’t get it” was simply not going to be acceptable any longer.

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Which is why we were glad to hear the news that high-speed service is now becoming available in the Wilgus area.

Lawrence County Commission President DeAnna Holliday and the Lawrence County Economic Development Corporation have been working with private and public groups and agencies to solve the problem.

The Wilgus project, the first phase of a larger effort, came about after the county commission executed an agreement that granted JB Nets the ability to install equipment on a Lawrence County-owned tower in the area.

Kitts Hill and the Waterloo area are next on the list to get service and we hope, that in the coming months, the situation will be improved and all of the county can be connected.