Following life’s script can take many twists and turns

Published 5:11 am Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Have you ever just stopped and thought about how things really happen?
Was it all just cause and effect from the actions and decisions I chose, or is life not so complex?
Some people even may say it’s all planned out, like our lives are just one big script and were all playing a leading role in our own story.
I hope I don’t forget my lines and I really hope they don’t cancel.
Sometimes, I sit and think about all the people that I’ve ever crossed paths with or the people who have been in and out of my life.
Were they just characters in my own life series to make it more interesting?
How do we know if it’s real life and relationships, or just a script?
If life isn’t so complex and it is all coincidental, why do we feel like some things were always meant to be?
You know, it’s that ex that was bad for you, but at the time you truly felt like the two of you were meant to be.
Could it be so hard to believe that we all do have special parts or roles to fulfill in our own lives?
Without that horrible ex, or even ex-best friend, we wouldn’t have any lessons to be learned.
When we watch our favorite shows, there’s always obstacles our favorite characters have to go through to develop and at the end find themselves, or even lose themselves.
So, I possibly could believe our lives are all scripted. Maybe, it’s not written from a room full of writers, but it’s us, were in control of writing our own script.
We introduce the new characters in our lives and we’re all capable of developing and growing into who were supposed to become.
The obstacles that we face every day can either make us or break us. What would you want your favorite character to do? When things get ugly, and life gets too real, imagine what you would want to see. It’s all up to us if we get back up again.
Life can break us over and over again, but without being broken you’ll never see how strong you really are.
How will you write or rewrite your own story? Do the characters in your life right now make you a better person? Or do they stop you from changing and growing?
Ask yourself these questions, because you control what goes on in your life, and remember you can always write them off.
Maybe it’s time for the next season, the next chapter, so you can have new character development.
You get to decide how many seasons you want in your series, there’s always someone watching.
To them, you just might be their favorite character.

Skyler Cunningham is an inern at The Ironton Tribune.

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