Hitchhiking through to a new life again

Published 6:15 am Tuesday, October 12, 2021

So here I am once again, starting over.
Remember how I told you in one of my previous columns I’m constantly hitchhiking through new eras of my life?
I’m currently sitting here thinking about Madonna and how she has always been able to reinvent herself.
Does she know it’s going to be a good outcome? Or does she gamble everything just to be able to live out her own fantasy? If so, is that the key to success?
Maybe that’s why I’m always okay in the end of each chapter.
Sure, things get messy and I struggle to find myself again, but I’m on the right path to believing in whoever I want to become.
It’s never easy starting over, especially when you’ve gotten so comfortable in the stability of it all. You never really know when things are about to change for you. Change can be a great thing, but sometimes it can be very difficult to handle.
My experience with change has always came with a price and a decision I had to make. That kind of change is the hardest change of them all.
For example, what if you wanted to keep someone that brought you down, because you believed in them and you loved them? The outcome is you may be better, but you still hurt either way.
I think why I always have these kinds of changes in my life, is because I like being comfortable and any kind of change scares me.
I don’t choose to hitchhike through life, it just happens, it always has.
When I get comfortable in one phase, it’s like time speeds up and before I know it I have to leave again, always without notice. I always forget I don’t get the changes that better me, some are life lessons.
New life lessons every time, constantly challenging me on how strong I have to become for the next one. Sometimes I imagine my life being like the lucky ones, who get a new promotion, or a new job opportunity, not losing everything and having to put a brave face for the battle ahead.
I know I’ll be okay, I always am. I just hope one day I wake up and life isn’t so hard.
My question for you: Is your life like mine? Do you hate change, or do you accept the new changes in your life? How does it affect you, is the change in your life positive? Or is the change that happens in your life more difficult? I would love to know.
I guess I’ll say this — stay positive and always believe in yourself even when it’s really hard.

Skyler Cunningham is a columinst for The Ironton Tribune.