EDITORIAL: Working to restore confidence

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 13, 2021

At the beginning of next month, the Village of Chesapeake’s council meeting will not only be presided over by a new mayor, but it will conclude with the appointment of three new council members.

It will be a drastic change for the village, which has been plagued by resignations over the past few years.

The new mayor, Nate Ittig, spoke with The Tribune on Thursday and outlined the process in which the seats will be filled. He is selecting three people who will appear in uncontested races on November’s ballot. As they were going to end up on council anyway, this will give them a few months head start on getting to work.

This was the right way to go, as it will provide some much-needed stability following the the recent upheaval. Ittig says he intends to stay in the position and move forward with village business. The remaining vacant seats will be filled after the three replacements give the council enough to have a quorum. One will be picked by council and one by the mayor.

It was appreciated that Ittig took the time to thoroughly explain this and keep the process transparent, something that was also needed after the mass resignations by the former mayor and council members, who have yet to provide an explanation to the public.

We hope that, going forward, the council and mayor will work in the village’s interest, build cooperative relationships and build a foundation for stable governance.