EDITORIAL: Big day is here at last

Published 12:00 am Saturday, September 9, 2023

It was an unexpected and nice update.

When we went to press for Wednesday’s paper, we included a story updating the public on the status of the roundabouts under construction on State Route 93 at the U.S. 52 interchange.

At the time, the Ohio Department of Transportation thought traffic lanes would open in October.

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Then, as the papers were going out, we received word that ODOT was notified by the contractor that work was ahead of schedule and the roundabouts would be ready for traffic next week – on Tuesday.

So, by the time you receive the next edition of The Tribune, the signals will be removed and vehicles will be going through the new roadway and all exit and entrance ramps to U.S. 52 will be open – for the first time since May.

It is a welcome announcement for the area, as the construction has caused many to seek alternate routes this summer.

So we thank the crews, who have worked continuously these past few months for their timely efforts.

Too often, the site of construction cones and barrels triggers frustration in drivers. So we would like to express our gratitude to them for their efficiency.

While traffic will be moving in the area, there will still be workers there, getting the project ready for its interim completion date in October, where it will remain until final paving is done in the spring.

So please be mindful and use caution for their safety.