DeWine announces $73M in funding support for traffic safety projects

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 12, 2023

COLUMBUS — Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine and Ohio Department of Transportation Director Jack Marchbanks announced this week an investment of $73.8 million into more than two dozen projects that they said will reduce the risk of crashes and increase safety on Ohio roads. 

Funding from ODOT’s Highway Safety Improvement Program will cover the various phases of project development, right of way, and construction of 25 projects in 19 counties across the state between state fiscal years 2024 and 2029.  

“Since 2019, we’ve worked to grow this program into one of the largest traffic safety programs in the country,” DeWine said. “Every project that receives funding will be constructed in a manner that puts the safety of those traveling Ohio’s roads at the forefront.” 

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Many of the projects receiving funding are focused on improving the safety of intersections, including 16 projects that will install crash-reducing roundabouts. 

As of October, 298 people were killed in crashes at intersections in Ohio this year. Studies by the Federal Highway Administration show that roundabouts reduce overall crashes by 44 percent and serious injury and deadly crashes by nearly 90 percent at two-way stop intersections. When roundabouts replace a traffic signal, studies show a 48 percent reduction in crashes and a nearly 80 percent drop in serious injury and deadly crashes. 

“When we introduce roundabouts for the first time, folks are generally skeptical. However, as time goes by, they see the benefits of safety and improved traffic flow,” ODOT director Jack Marchbanks said. 

The project list also includes the conversion of two intersections to a reduced collision u-turn, also known as an RCUT. These non-traditional intersections allow for more efficient movement of traffic, reducing the number and severity of crashes. 

Projects submitted for grant consideration are reviewed and selected by a team of safety experts, design engineers, and funding professionals. 

ODOT’s Highway Safety Program is funded at $185 million annually.