Published 11:05am Monday, March 28, 2011

— Lewis M. and Susan Higgins to Lonnie Clinton Meadows, 53 Township Road 282, Ironton, $138,000.

— Jeffrey Jackson and Gregory Jackson to Charlie Makowski, 116 Township Road 1430, South Point, $113,000.

— Jimmy and Irene Orrick to Kristina Elaine Sheridan, 1727 Phillip St., Ironton, $108,000.

— Lori Deer, Tricia Miller and Gillum et al to Tricia A. Fields, 1528 S. Fourth St., Ironton, $32,000.

— Daniel and Patricia Holland to Paul and Allison Ferguson, 33 Private Drive 123, Crown City, $417, 000.

— Daniel and Patricia Holland to Paul and Allison Ferguson, 33 Private Drive 123, Crown City, $53,000.

— Charley Bailey, executor of estate of Terry Bailey to Jackie D. and Judy Thornton, 167 Park Drive, Chesapeake, $325,000.

— Michelle Sizemore to David Dunn, parcel of land, $5,000.

— Michael and Gloria Hopper to BWC Properties Inc, parcel of land, $135,500.

— Susan Roach to Sandie McComas, parcel of land, $25,000.

— Donald and Donna Thompson to John and Cathy Yeauger 1208 Fourth St. E., County Road 1, South Point, $135,000.

— Ricky and Leah Daniels to Lillie A. Riley, parcel of land, $25,000.

— HSBC Mortgage Services Inc. to Margo Ervin, 1319 S. Sixth St., Ironton, $29,000.

— Charles Harmon to Charles and Michael Harmon, parcel of land, $1,000.

— Ryan Turner to Prospector LLC, 0 State Route 775, $16,000.

US Bank to Thomas Ross, 112 Delores Ave., South Point, $41,000.

— Nationstar Mortgage LC to Nelson Apartments LLC, 14 Township Road 1361, Chesapeake, $63,000.

— Fannie Mae to Joseph Rodulic, 8308 County Road 15, Chesapeake, $35, 960.

— Robert Reed to Robert John Reed and Johnda Lynn Rife, parcel of land, $10,000.

— Troy D. Whaley to Rita Bennett and Lisa Whittle, 106 High St., $120,000

— Roy A. Miller to Emmitt Paul Drake and Fannie Lynn Drake, 116 Nelson Ave., South Point, $70,000.

— Michael and Tammy Scott to Kane and Danielle Winters, 520 Patricia Drive, Ironton, $82,000.

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