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What is missing at the DNC?

Published 1:18pm Friday, September 7, 2012

Democrats seem to have more fun than Republicans at their convention. Certainly they are a more diverse bunch by observation of the cameras spanning the convention floor. But beyond that they seem more willing to shout, stand, scream, and clap at the slightest provocation.

And they have been blessed with several barn-burning speeches, the greatest of which, through Wednesday night, was President Bill Clinton’s.

This president has no make his case to the American people, and this convention is designed to both engage his supporters and convince Independents that Obama is worth their vote for four more years.

While Clinton provided a believable explanation that the damage to the economy that Obama inherited was far too great for any president, past or present, to resolve in four years, President Obama has to make the case in person why he is the right man to lead for the next four years.

And in that regard, as I am writing this prior to his speech, Obama must explain how he intends to reduce and control the deficit and debt while investing in a sustainable economy that allows the middle class to prosper from recovery.

We know from the president that he intends to protect education, research, infrastructure, Social Security and Medicare, but we do not have from him enough specifics on how his second administration would attack the expanding deficit.

We do know, from his attempted Grand Compromise with Speaker Boehner in 2011, that he was close to cutting $4 trillion from the deficit over the next decade. That would have been accomplished buy spending cuts and tax increases, with more spending cuts by a ratio of two and a half to one.

Frankly, that solution would have been close to the Independent Commission suggestions both in the rate of reduction and in the mix of spending cuts to revenue increases.

Obama can convince Americans to allow him to continue to lead the nation through the remaining days of recovery if Americans believe he has a plan that makes sense and avoids the kind of austerity that has resulted in several European nations falling back into recession.

And Obama can correctly make the case that the American economic recovery, slow that it has been, has been second only to Canada for its success.

But in this regard the president has a greater obligation than Governor Romney to explain the details of his position.

For Romney can, as he has, offer himself as “anyone but” the current president and that may win him enough votes to win the presidency. Romney has offered few budget details, and what he has offered so far does not strike experts as possible.

If Romney cuts taxes on the rich, maintains or increases the military budget, currently 20 percent of the federal budget excluding its discretionary budget spending, and reduces the deficit, almost all of the discretionary budget categories would be unfunded.

Additionally, Social Security and Medicare would be required to make large scale changes.

Probably voters will not ask Romney for the details, though they should.

On the other hand, voters will and should ask the president for an easy to understand road map to economic vibrancy, one that all Americans can support and help realize.

Presidents do not have the power to create economic growth, but they can encourage consumer confidence, stimulate the economy in meaningful ways, and offer the nation a vision of a better future.

President Obama’s vision is bigger than that of the Republicans, who advance a smaller, meaner America. But the president must convince Americans that the vision can be accomplished.

That is his role in this convention.


Jim Crawford is a retired educator and political enthusiast living here in the Tri-State.



  1. mickakers

    No Mike; You are not a “flip flopper”. You have very firm roots and values. You are an educated voter. My compliments and respect. I am a registered Democrat and have always been, but I vote independently. The last time I voted for a Democratic Presidential candidate, was Jimmy Carter. In reality Mike, you are expressing the TRUE DEMOCRATIC PHILOSOPHY.

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  2. mickakers

    Geronimo; As an afterthought, please look up the meaning of Relativism, Wikipedia has a decent article. In order to more fully understand Relativism, may I suggest a read of Absolute Relativism by: Chris Stefanick. It is only around 60 pages in paperback format. You can either purchase or the Briggs Library will get you copy to read, free of charge, another socialist contribution to our society. The Public Library is a great tool to use. As a side note, Geronimo, there are laws that are unjust. Just because it is a cival law, does not make it right. Divine law is another matter. Relativists would prefer to ignore this.

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  3. mikehaney

    I guess you could call me a flip flopper on party.
    My roots were democrat, then independant, then republican.
    I support(moral support) pro-life,traditional marriage,religious freedom. Very important though are jobs,fair tax system,a free economy,strong military etc. If I can’t get them all I vote for the first three first and will switch parties if needed.
    I see no alignment with my concrens and the democratic party.
    Romney picking Ryan gives me a boost in the first three concerns. Also, Ryan is no dummy in the financial world but I’m betting Romney will get us out of the ditch and back on the road concerning the economy and debt.

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  4. mickakers

    mikehaney; Your thinking like a TRUE DEMOCRAT, one who is concerned about all members of society, in particular, the most helpless and weakest. Your roots are showing. We desperately need people like you back in the fold to help weed out the lackluster and those not deserving the distinction of being labeled a DEMOCRAT.

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  5. mickakers

    Geronimo: Two wrongs do not make a right. The killing of an innocent individual is MURDER, no matter how you twist or turn. There is no getting around this fact. Please view the Vitae Monologues and read the Hippocratic Oath.

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  6. mickakers

    mikehaney; Your last comment pertaining to “Being pro-life is not judging women.” And in fact, your entire comment!!! My compliments.

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  7. mickakers

    Actual Voting Records and Legislative decisions demonstrate an individuals stand on issues. Actions speak louder than words. Again, I encourage all the members of this forum to view the DVD, Vitae Monologues. I also encourage you all to take note of what Hippocrates had to say concerning the murder of the unborn (abortion) and read the Hippocratic Oath, which in times past all Medical Doctors had to swear to. Due in part to the influence of Relativism and the weakening of moral standards, this oath is no longer required. Actuality and facts like you will find in the Vitae Monologues, regardless of what church or organization holds responsibility for its production are much more enlightening than irresponsible verbal tirades.

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  8. mikehaney

    Being pro-life is not judging women. Pro-life is trying to convince the majority that a “fetus” is a human baby and should be protected under the constitution.
    And I for one worry that when judged by God I didn’t do enough to protect that baby.

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  9. Geronimo

    To all members of this forum,may I suggest that,since abortion is legal in this country,that you let the women that have to make that awful choice,in the case of rape , incest or life threatening situations or what ever other reason she may have , answer to God and let him judge her.The most I hear from about the subject is from men,who will never have to consider such an awful can bet though if you judge that woman you will be Judged by God yourself.

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  10. Mick, you won’t even watch a 3-minute YouTube clip of Romney talking about his beliefs on abortion.

    YouTube – The Real Romney?

    Referring everyone to a dvd by some production company that’s related to your church is a pretty interesting move after that.

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  11. mickakers

    Ted Kennedy? A fiasco.

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  12. mickakers

    “are ask”, should have been or ask. My apologies.

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  13. mickakers

    To all members of this forum; May I suggest a view (DVD) of “The Vitae Monologues”. This is a two person drama that has been performed and praised across the country as a gripping, eye opening, and groundbreaking play about the difficult reality of post-abortion trauma, the silence that this pain is often shrouded in , and the healing that is possible after abortion. You can either purchase this are ask you local library to obtain a copy for you. It is well worth the time and effort for those seeking the truth and the fact of the matter.

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  14. The only reason I mentioned Ted Kennedy is because Mitt Romney said he was more pro gay rights than Teddy.

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    • 79Tiger

      Unfornately, that is what you have to say in Massachusetts to get elected. Sadly, politicians will say anything to get elected.Shame on us for listening to their BS.

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  15. 79Tiger


    I do not like Ted Kennedy because he left Mary Jo Kopechne alone in a car, trapped, while he swam to safety and did not report the incident until he was sober enough. He got off that that island one way: Kennedy money. The Kopechne’s did not file charges because of: Kennedy money. Ted Kennedy is slime and it tells me a lot about you to defend him. I still have no idea why that piece of human excrement is buried in Arlington Cemetary with so many honorable people who fought for and died in defense of their country. Ted Kennedy is a national disgrace. I wouldn’t go near his grave last year when I visited Arlington. Why it was a stop on the tour is beyond me.

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  16. mikehaney

    We are bearing witness to the unchecked erosion of our nation’s founding principles that once put God front and center. We are watching as our leaders insult and mock God, and of one thing I am certain, God will not be mocked. Even as Christians and Jews, we are standing by and allowing our leaders to convince themselves and the intellectually brainwashed and morally bankrupt people of our nation that tolerance of immorality, decadence, and evil in general is a virtue and an expression of free will that is to be defended. Are we that brainwashed into believing that the tolerance of immorality and evil is to be guarded, and so far off the mark that we are to believe that our founding documents actually advocate such behavior?

    The truth is just the opposite of what we have been told by the political carnival barkers who cling to their party’s convoluted mantra of multiculturalism, a Godless religion of the Progressives and an exhibition of tolerance by all on both sides of the political spectrum except for a limited number of true, God-fearing Conservatives. While the Progressives are advocating decadence, immorality and sin under the guise of multiculturalism and the politics of inclusion, those who “go along to get along” are equally responsible for not calling out this un-Godly perversion.- Doug Hagmann

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    • I thought this was reading like a nutty conspiracy theory. No surprise that you copied this from somewhere and pasted it here.

      Obama is a very good president and a regular guy. These people trying to stir up fear, anger and hate are deceptive manipulators who decided before day one that they’d never give Barack Obama a chance.

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      • mikehaney

        I was against him in 08. He made me uneasy then. McCain got my vote.

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      • I always liked McCain. When he ran in the republican primaries in 2000, I was a volunteer for his campaign. I was so fired up about him that I had a big McCain sign in the back window of my car, I went to see him at a couple of different rally stops, handed out literature, helped with phone teams, etc.

        I liked Obama a little better in 2008 and thought John had compromised who he was a little bit to compromise the far right in his party and get the nomination. Still, classic McCain shone through when he took the mic from the lady at that town hall and said “No, ma’am. He’s not a muslim. He’s a good Christian, family man and I served with him in the Senate.”

        I think McCain could have been that next Reagan they’ve been looking for if he’d got it in 2000.

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      • mikehaney

        You can’t handle the truth indie.

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  17. mikehaney

    96000 jobs created last month. 150,000 new jobs needed monthly to stay even with new people to the work force.
    Only reason unemployment isn’t higher than 8.1% is because of workers are giving up and dropping out of the workforce. And just about guranteed we’re being lied to daily.
    Obambi made so many promises 4 years ago that turned out to be flat out lies.

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  18. God isn’t a member of either political party in America. It’s funny that some of you who have wanted to insult Obama supporters by saying he’s their “messiah” are so keen to always talk about God in conjunction with politics.

    I’d say God probably is just as unhappy with things in the Republican party, and its ranks, as he is with anyone else.

    Your candidates give lip service to social issues that they don’t even believe in. Certainly, they do nothing to further those causes after getting into office.

    Obama is doing the job we elected him to do. He’s got the economy back on track but the job’s not done yet. We need to get the obstructionist republicans in Congress out of office so there’s no more nonsense like filibustering over jobs bills and measures necessary to restore the economy to full employment.

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  19. mickakers

    Jimmy Carter was and is a credit to Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

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  20. mikehaney

    What is missing at the DNC?
    And 50 billion tax dollars given to GM Unions that will never get paid back.
    Republicans don’t have to earn a vote from the troops.
    John McCain covered that well.

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  21. Barack Obama and his party honored the troops who protect us at the convention this week. The Republicans shunned our troops in a disgusting show of partisanship, too partisan to even utter the words “Bin Laden” at their convention in Tampa.

    Bill Clinton and Barack Obama are both great Presidents and great Americans.

    Mitt Romney is an outsourcing, economic traitor who lies to the American public, hiding his tax records in safe more secure than Dick Cheney’s bunker and hiding his money in offshore accounts.

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  22. mickakers

    President Bill Clinton and President Barack Obama are pathetic examples of Americanism.

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  23. Obama got some things right in terms of defense? He got Bin Laden. That was starting to look impossible at the end of the Bush era. Obama ended the war in Iraq and the end is in sight for the war in Afghanistan. I think it’s fair to say that adds up to a big win for Obama on foreign policy.

    You say that Obama’s economic advisers could not be more wrong than they are right now. Could you be more specific?

    I see an auto bailout that worked, tarp which has been paid back in full, the stimulus which wound up creating over 4.5 million jobs over the past 29 months and improved the economic climate enough in America for the stock market to double.

    As Bill Clinton said this week, no president before or since him could have cleaned up the mess left for Obama in just four years. There is more work to be done but we are on the right track to recovery. In the next four years we will return to full employment and have a budget surplus again. People will be doing as well or better than they did in the 90s.

    Oh, and if you didn’t like Ted Kennedy then you probably didn’t know that Romney once said he was “more pro-gay rights than Ted Kennedy.” I’ve got the video clip if you want it.

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  24. 79Tiger

    Indie, I must disagree on your comment that Obama is better than I am giving him credit for. Like all Presidents, he has done some right things in terms of defense. Otherwise he and his economic advisors could be no more wrong than they are right now. I wish I could support him as I have some Presidents but I just cannot support a man who listens to people who ignore historical successes in favor of their own political agenda. It is economics, not politics. Bush 41 lost my support as soon as he raised taxes. Bush 43 lost my support when he approved medicare B and let Ted Kennedy, of all people, write the education bill. What a travesty that has been.

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  25. Are you ready for another great Mitt Romney quote on video? Here you go then!!

    “If two people of the same gender want to live together…want to have a loving relationship…and even want to adopt a child, in my state (uh, uh, uh) individuals of the same sex are able to adopt children. In my view, that’s something people have the right to do.”

    Source: YouTube “Mitt Romney “Full equality for America’s gay and lesbian citizens” in 1994 (May 10, 2012)


    Now that was a quote made by Mitt Romney just this year.

    The 1994 part was where he expressed some of his close held personal beliefs like:

    “I am more convinced than ever before that as we seek to establish full equality for America’s gays and lesbian citizens”

    “If we are to achieve the goals we share, we must make equality for gays and lesbians a mainstream concern. My opponent cannot do this. I can and I will.”

    “I think the gay community needs more support from the Republican party and I would be a voice in the Republican party to foster anti-discrimination efforts.”


    Mitt Romney represents a “crisis of conscience” for the Republican party.

    I think that all the good, Christian republicans reading this should go to Church tomorrow and ask their preachers flat out…”Is it OK for gay couples to adopt children? Is that what we stand for??”

    Better yet, they should bring it up for roundtable discussion in their Sunday School classes.

    There are only a couple of ways these folks can go if they want to maintain the integrity of their party.

    One way would be to just stay home this year and withhold their vote. That would send a message to the republican party that they simply won’t stand for a wishy-washy, liberal candidate like Mitt Romney.

    Better yet, they should get out and vote for President Obama and REALLY send a message.

    If they stand up now then maybe they can finally get a Rand Paul as their nominee…maybe Todd Akin as VP…but if they sit back and support this flaming liberal Mitt Romney they will NEVER…ever….get “their party” back.

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    • 79Tiger

      And he would be wrong how? I agree with all you credit him for saying. I am a fiscal conservative and a libertatian socially. I do not want the federal government in my wallet or my bedroom. I also believe in a strong national defense but smart enough to know there is a time to use force and not to. Only politicians make politics complicated.It is comhy mon sense. That is why government should be small and less intrusive. There are too many politicians of both parties that think they know what they are doing but have no idea. And it is our responsibility to tell them so.Don’t count on other politicians to do your job.

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      • That’s all fine and I know you’re not alone about not being as conservative on social issues as others here who are more right-wing on them than you.

        However, for those people who are more conservative on those social issues…to the point it’s almost all they ever want to talk about on here…it should be a big issue. They should hold out and get someone more along the lines of a John Kasich for 2016 who would probably be a candidate they could get really excited about having in the White House for 8 years…unlike Romney.

        To put it in terms you might appreciate better, it would be like the Republican equivalent of electing Jimmy Carter. Obama is way better than you guys are giving him credit for. He’s going to hit hard for the next 2 months and will be next to impossible to beat. We’ll see, though. That’s just how I see it.

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  26. I think the Democrats accomplished everything they needed to in Charlotte this week. The line-up of speakers was a veritable all-star team.

    That’s the way it’s getting to be, though. The Democratic party is loaded with talent these days and it’s looking like the republicans have their hands full for a long time to come.

    I just saw Megan McCain on the Leno show and she said flat out, the republican party has an image party with women. She said what they need to do to fix this is to drop their focus on social issues.

    Maybe that’s why Romney rose to the top this time. We all know now about his on-camera statements in favor of abortion rights and gay rights. Maybe the rich elitists who really control the republican party think they need to elect a guy like him so they can rebuild the party around him (like they did with Reagan back in the day) and get a new and improved constituency?

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    • “an image party with women”

      An image PROBLEM, that is.

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      • 79Tiger

        I think you meant the former. It is the republican party that represents all citizens. Democrats pick and choose whoever will help them most in the next election.

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    • 79Tiger

      Megan McCain is a liberal or considered to be much like her father, a moderate republican which is nowhere near a true conservative. Why do you think the liberal press seeks out employees that are members of the repub party who are moderate or conservatives that are now middle of the road?They know true conservatives will disagree with them. Megan McCain is nowhere near conservaative. Nice try Indie. Not falling for it.

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      • Hey, I”d love to see them get Todd Akin on the Leno show too. Who knows…we’ve still got a couple of months left. Wouldn’t it be great to see the guy who says a woman can’t get pregnant from a rape be in national television representing you guys like a real conservative???

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    • mikehaney

      Romney,Ryan,republican house,republican senate, republican platform and tea party to keep their path straight and narrow.
      Can’t wait till november to get started turning this country around with repubs in control.

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  27. mikehaney

    Mick,79Tiger. I’ll second that.

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  28. 79Tiger

    Believe me Mr. Crawford when I say a lot more people heard the verbal vote in re-installing God in their party platform then heard Clinton’s speach. Why in the world were they so stupid as to remove something not everybody agrees with regardless of the party. I don’t care how much the press tries to spin it as well as the White House, the order to change it came from Obama and it was ordered to be put back in by Obama. The verbal vote, taken 3 times, was no where near 2/3 majority. It was 50% at best and that was a stretch. Even you ignored that. Clinton gave an exciting speech to the whole party. Obama spoke to the base who have been living thru and are still, his failures of the last 4 years. People in the convention hall wish they could be voting for Clinton. Big difference from 2008 and it will show on election day. Independents will swing big time to Romney/Ryan simply because they tend to be fiscally conservative. Many of those that went out of their way or were excited enough to vote for Obama in 2008, will end up staying home. That is reality. Try a healthy dose of it from time to time.

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  29. bigkahuna

    Mick,Very well said and I and a great nunber of people will agree with you.

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  30. mickakers

    Jim Crawford; Your comment in regards to the DNC “And they have been blessed with several barn-burning speeches, the greatest of which, through Wednesday night, was President Bill Clinton’s.” Your naivete is showing. Do you recall the reality of recent past history? Do you remember a young lady by the name of Monica Lewinsky? Actions speak louder than words. President Bill Clinton is not a man to be admired or put forward as an example. President Obama and the Democratic Party advocate and encourage the murder of the unborn (abortion), same sex marriage (sodomy) and the disregard of freedom of conscience (religious) as demonstrated in Obama Care (PPACA). I would prefer not to follow that road. I feel there are many people who have their sense of values misplaced. The right to life is the first order of business. It is vitally important to preserve the sanctity of marriage between a man and woman. It is important to respect and observe freedom of conscience when it comes to religious beliefs. The Democratic Party has relinquished it’s title as the Party Of The People, as it fails to represent all the people (unborn).

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  31. tiger534

    They drink more! and having more fun is that what these conventions are about having fun? If so then lets all go to the local strip club and have some fun!

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