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Flyers rout Royals

Published 10:45am Sunday, September 30, 2012

Jim Walker


Rain dampened the start of the St. Joseph Flyers’ soccer game against the Rose Hill Royals on Thursday.

But once the weather dried up, the Flyers heated up as they blanked the Royals 7-0.

“We had a sluggish start, but we hit the reset button during the weather delay early in the first period,” said Flyers’ coach Tim Hopkins. “We benefited from solid combination play the rest of the match with strong contributions from our bench.”

Joseph Payton scored the first of his three goals from 10 yards out thanks to a header from Eli Lewis and it was 1-0 with 5:00 on the first half clock.

Cole Willis then dribbled his way through the defense for an 8-yard goal to make it 2-0.

Payton’s second goal came on a put-back off a deflection from the goalkeeper with 27:20 in the half.

Sidney Payne started the second half scoring quickly as she hit a shot from 12 yards off an assist from Haley Glockner at the 1:30 mark.

Shannon Litton then used a long run through traffic to set up his goal from 16 yards out at the 2:20 mark for a 5-0 lead.

Eli Lewis and Payton scored the next two goals on 15-yard kicks. Chris Lewis had an assist on Payton’s goal.

The Flyers play at 7 p.m. Tuesday at South Point, then visit Lincoln County, W.Va., at 5:30 on Wednesday before going to Wheelersburg at 6 p.m. on Thursday.

Rose Hill 0 0 = 0

St. Joseph 3 4 = 7

First Half

SJ — Joseph Payton 10 yards (assist Eli Lewis with header) 5:00

SJ — Cole Willis 8 yards 24:18

SJ — Joseph Payton putback off deflection from goalkeeper 27:00

Second Half

SJ — Sidney Payne 12 yards (assist Haley Glockner) 1:30

SJ — Shannon Litton 16 yards 2:20

SJ — Eli Lewis 15 yards 4:15

SJ — Joseph Payton 15 yards (assist Chris Lewis) 10:00


Goalkeeper Saves: St. Joseph 0, Rose Hill 11 (Jake Daniel).

Shots on Goal: St. Joseph 18, Rose Hill 0.

Corner Kicks: St. Joseph 7, Rose Hill 0.

Direct Kicks: St. Joseph 2, Rose Hill 1.

Indirect Kicks: St. Joseph 1, Rose Hill 0.

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