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TV news reporter Randy Yohe arrested for DUI, drug charges

Published 12:31pm Tuesday, October 23, 2012

WSAZ news reporter and on-air television personality Randy Yohe was arrested early Saturday morning on six misdemeanor charges that included driving under the influence of alcohol — a charge that was later reduced — and possession of marijuana.

Yohe, 59, of Huntington, W.Va., was pulled over at 12:30 a.m. Saturday after Officer Mike Delawder observed that he ran the stop sign at Marion Pike and Third Street in Coal Grove. Yohe, who was driving a silver Ford F-150, also drove over the concrete lane divider and crossed the centerline, according to Coal Grove Police Chief Eric Spurlock.

Yohe was charged with first-offense DUI, having an open container of alcohol, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia associated with the marijuana, as well as traffic violations for running a stop sign and leaving his lane, Spurlock said.

Yohe was arrested and taken to the Ironton Police Department where Yohe’s blood-alcohol level was determined to be .121, Spurlock said. The legal limit in Ohio is .08.

Authorities do not typically take individuals who commit misdemeanor DUI offenses to the Lawrence County Jail because of overcrowding issues, Spurlock said. Yohe was released on his own recognizance and called a taxicab.

“Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. I am deeply humiliated, embarrassed and sorry,” Yohe said. “I apologize to my station and to my wife. Nothing like this will ever happen again.”

Yohe said he did not know that a friend he had given a ride to had left the marijuana, listed as a small amount on the citation, and paraphernalia in his vehicle.

On Monday, the DUI charge was reduced to aggravated reckless driving by Spurlock, a move the chief said is routine for an individual’s first offense if there is a relatively low blood-alcohol level.

Aggravated reckless driving doesn’t revoke driving privileges and carries a $1,000 fine compared to an $800 fine for DUI.

Yohe picked up his car from the impound lot in the village Monday and satisfied all charges against him by paying $2,020 in fines. He still has the right to appear in court on Oct. 30 to change his plea or dispute the charges, Spurlock said.

A copy of the complete traffic ticket and officer narrative was not immediately available.


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  • thetaz301

    I know people who have gotten a DUI in coal grove…that tested about the same or even less,and they were not offered a reduction of the DUI to aggravated reckless… and all the other charges too..poss. of weed..paraphanalia,open cont.,running stop sign…If any deals are made normally under those circumstances,they might drop open cont. or drug paraph. if you plead guilty to the DUI….but the DUI doesn’t get reduced..unless the defendant is somebody special…This is not right..Shame on you Chief Spurlock.

    (Report comment)

  • stupid_redneck

    It couldn’t happen to a more deserving person. I have watched him report on pot busts and know for a fact that he showed damaging footage in the report that had nothing to do with the people involved. I hope he gets fired and never works again.

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  • Robbins61

    Let someone from Ohio do this and see what happens,i would be in jail.

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  • bleedingheart

    In all seriousness, this is why people still drink and drive. Law officers do not enforce the laws we already have on the books. First offense DUI is either 3 days in jail or drunk school, suspension of driver’s license (I think for 6 months), and a fine. If EVERYONE know this WOULD be his/her penalty, perhaps he/she would think twice. If there is a next time for this behavior, then it too will be classified a “First Offense”.

    (Report comment)

  • bcox401968

    I am Appauled by the actions taken in the arrest of Randy Yohe…my question is why does he get off with just a slap on the wrist when all others get taken to jail and have to pay fines too?he is no different than any other drunk driver out there…and this is just now hitting the news…well I am beginning to see how the news works now..I had seen the two faces of the Boys who killed dogs for over a month and Randy Yohe reported it for days until the community was sick of hearing about it and still are but we will see how long this will run until it is swept under a rug. As for the comments against the boys that they called LITTLE DOPERS and Saying that they should be shot..Open your eyes now to the new DRUNK in town…who just got a slap on the wrist…now what if he had of hit my mother,sister,brother or grandchild while driving intoxicated….WHAT THAN!!!!!

    (Report comment)

  • bigkahuna

    If the car had been found,then it never happened. Case closed hence no report needed.

    (Report comment)

  • bleedingheart

    Why is it that this was reported 2 days after it happened, yet it took almost 2 weeks for the story of the village car being stolen to make the paper?

    (Report comment)

    • MAC

      I am outraged by this “lack of room in the County Jail”. If that’s the case Why are we putting people in Jail for 5 days, 10 days community service and 1 year probation for committing a questionable Public Disturbance that didn’t invole alcohol or drugs??? Then you have someone that is legaly drunk, has drugs, open container, running stop signs, running over a median and is allowed to call a cab and go hope. No Jail time, no community service and no probation. UNBELIEVABLE………

      Ironton, Coal Grove and Hanging Rock police Departments need to get their priorities straight, and in a hurry before an innocent person is killed by someone that is slapped on the wrist for committing such a crime. DUI STATE LAW is .08 for a reason and it’s not a gray area, .121 is legally drunk PERIOD.

      (Report comment)

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