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General Assembly to face tough issues in budget

Published 9:17am Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The campaign season was long and exhausting. Yet that was the easy part. Now comes the hard part — governing.

That’s what we elected them to do — to govern in our best interests, not to continue the campaigning.

There’s a big difference. …

Governing demands compromise, inclusiveness and practical politics.

Those aren’t exactly campaign rallying cries. But that’s what we need now. Nationally, we are approaching the combination of automatic tax increases and severe cuts in spending known as the “fiscal cliff.” Most observers agree that going over the cliff, allowing these tax hikes and spending cuts to happen, would be bad for the economy. The president, the House and the Senate only have a matter of days to compromise. …

The Ohio General Assembly will take up a new budget in 2013, a roadmap for spending priorities for the next two years. Its members will face decisions on Medicare and Medicaid spending, two major expenditures that will be influenced by the new federal health care law.

The issue can be divisive, but good governing will demand moving forward and doing what’s best for families and businesses. …

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