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Nothing wrong with giving employees choices

Published 9:29am Thursday, December 20, 2012

The political cartoon that was published with the elephant urinating on the union symbols was disgusting. Right to work is not a political issue.

Many union members do not agree with what their leaders do. Right to work gives the employee a choice to join a union or not.

What is wrong with that?

Tim Hodges

Flatwoods, Ky.


Citizens need access to police reports in newspaper

I find it absurd and fail to comprehend why The Tribune has published only one police report (12/7/12) in the past 43 days.

The Sheriff’s Office and IPD have not made Ironton and Lawrence County a safe place to live for various reasons, and I’ve not read or heard either office shut down.

The availability of a police report in the paper provides information needed by citizens to be alert of varying crimes in the county and possibly in their own neighborhoods.

The absence of these reports is a disservice to us all.

Allen Caldwell

South Point



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  • Poor Richard

    Two of our family friends have been Union members for over 30 years and both retired as Union members. They have a very good retirement income, much better than my family. They both are building new homes, have new vehicles, and can easily support their families. They also learned a trade/skill early on as Union apprentices and honed their skills over the years – these quality skills are what many companies that hire them are looking for. That’s why, when it comes to construction, many prime contractors hire from the Union halls for master pipefitters, welders, bricklayers, carpenters, etc. The Corporations and legislators trying to bust the Unions want to be able to pay WalMart wages to workers with little or no benefits. So really, we are going back to the depression era when workers receive a few pennies a day for their efforts so the big corporations can keep 99.8% of the profit. American skilled workers are not Chinese laborers!! Envision instead the UNION taking over Walmart! $20/per hour with benefits just for starters!

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  • mickakers

    Tim Hodges; Right To Work (a misnomer) is anti-union legislation, designed to curtail the advancement of the working man and woman. The reason for a Closed-Shop agreement (must belong to union) is to prevent free-loaders, those receiving and taking advantage of union efforts to improve working conditions without paying their fair share, monetary or work and support. Company and Union must agree and sign on to a Closed-Shop in order for it to become effective. Labor Unions have and do benefit all members of the working class. I concur with your comment in regard to the Political Cartoon. It is “disgusting”.

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  • Shooter1

    Where is the Police Reports? How can we track the break-ins and thieves?

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  • mikehaney

    Allen Caldwell,been wondering the same thing myself.

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  • mikehaney

    Tim Hodges—Many union members do not agree with what their leaders do.
    Agree. Unions now-a-days seem to be too deeply involved in politics.

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