Police Reports — 12/28/12

Published 10:44am Friday, December 28, 2012


— Richard Johnson, 24, of 1831 County Road 26, Ironton, warrants for arrest Thursday by the Ironton Police Department.

— Jason Malone, 35, of 1707 Waldo Drive, Ironton, commitment Thursday by the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office.

— Scott Zornes, 50, of 126 Private Drive 6585, Kitts Hill, commitment Thursday by the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office.

— Corey Walls, 25, of 330 Township Road 1135, Proctorville, driving under the influence, resisting arrest, menacing Thursday by the Proctorville Police Department.

— Frank Hill, 40, of 1676 12th Ave., Huntington, W.Va., capias for arrest, possession of cocaine, possession of drugs, operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol Thursday by the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

— Kevin Dale, 24, of 1687 County Road 56, Ironton, domestic violence Wednesday by the Ironton Police Department.

— James Hildreth, 43, of Country Hearth Inn, South Point, warrants and capias for arrest Wednesday by the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office.

— Melissa Massey, 25, of 4276 State Route 141, Ironton, domestic violence Wednesday by the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office.

— Justin Layman, 27, of 2226 State Route 378, Chesapeake, contempt of court Wednesday by Common Pleas Court.


Sheriff’s office

Theft — 10 block township Road 1007, Chesapeake, Dec. 15, dirt bike taken from residence.

Forgery theft — Walmart, South Point, Dec. 18, cashier at Walmart allegedly forged three paychecks she made and placed them in till, retrieving about $1,953 in cash, Patricia Howard, 53, of 1017 Minton St., Huntington, W.Va., arrested.

Assault — 300 block Third St. East, South Point, Dec. 20, woman alleged her ex-husband and his mother assaulted her.

Domestic Violence — 1300 block County Road 31, 7:16 p.m. Tuesday, man allegedly hit father in the face, Jeremy Goodyear, 33, of 2607 Fourth Ave., Huntington, W.Va., arrested.

Burglary — 1300 block County Road 1, South Point, Dec. 15, flat screen TV, Blu Ray player taken from residence.

Criminal simulation — Walmart, South Point, Dec. 15, unknown male subject allegedly passed five counterfeit one hundred dollar bills.

Burglary — 700 block County Road 3, Chesapeake, Dec. 17, TV taken from residence.

Burglary — 15000 block State Route 243, Chesapeake, Dec. 17, Xbox and two TVs taken from residence.

Assault — 500 block County Road 13W, Willow Wood, Dec. 19, woman alleged another woman threw her to the ground and hit and kicked her in the head.

Burglary — 1300 block Township Road 1202, Chesapeake, Dec. 17, jewelry taken from residence.

Domestic violence — 1100 block Township Road 309, Chesapeake, Dec. 22, woman alleged boyfriend slammed her face on the floor, knocking out her two front teeth.

Breaking and entering — 900 block County Road 104, Chesapeake, 11 p.m. Tuesday, air compressor taken from outbuilding.


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