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Windsor Township man seeking petition signatures for office

Published 9:09am Thursday, January 17, 2013

WINDSOR TOWNSHIP — Even though the deadline to file petitions to run for political office is still six months away, a former Windsor Township Trustee is already spreading the word that voters should expect to see his name on the ballot on Election Day.

Donald “Bear” Adkins, 56, recently picked up his petitions to run again for Windsor Township Trustee, a position he previously held for 24 years. Adkins ran and lost in 2009, but said he wants his seat back so he can make much-needed improvements to the township.

“Before I pass on, I would like to see the roads blacktopped and the people to be treated equally, that I know is not being done,” Adkins said.

Adkins said he has lived in Windsor Township his whole life and the township roads have never been paved. As a political hopeful, the man said he felt it was important to live on the dirt roads like his constituents.

“If you don’t live on a township dirt road, you shouldn’t ask people to vote for you,” he said. “Because you have no idea what they go through in the summer with the dust and the winter in the snow.”

He estimated about 38 miles of township roads were dirt roads, while the state highways and county roads are paved.

Adkins also said he didn’t think the township’s annual budget would be enough to pave the roads.

“You can maintain, but you can’t upgrade,” he said.

In looking into possible solutions, Adkins said he would like to see more effort from the township in applying for grants.

“If our fire chief Danny Christian can get grants to get hundreds of thousands of dollars for trucks and equipment, why can’t our elected officials work in that category to obtain such grants for our people on dirt roads?” Adkins said.

Adkins also said he would like to see the county and the state take on some of the financial burden as well.

“I’d like to get the county to take control of the township to better serve the people of the township,” he said. “We all vote and we all pay taxes. Let’s have one voice.”

In addition to the roads, Adkins said he would like to see community service workers help maintain the seven cemeteries in the township.

The deadline to file petitions to run for office in the November general election is Aug. 7.


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