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First land acquisition imminent

Published 5:28am Sunday, January 20, 2013

CHESAPEAKE — The first parcel of land that will become part of the Chesapeake Bypass is close to being bought by the Ohio Department of Transportation for $95,000 for .23-acre parcel.

“We are ready to close the deal with one property owner,” Kathleen Fuller, spokesperson for ODOT’s District 9, said. “We are in discussion with a dozen or so property owners. These would be total takes. We approach each property owner one at a time.”

In August there were seven property owners who had contacted ODOT wanting to sell their land.

The long-sought-after connector will link the Proctorville bypass to the outskirts of the Village of Chesapeake. The $94 million construction project is being touted as link between Huntington, W.Va., and Ironton.

Right now ODOT has between $2 million and $3 million in federal funds to pay for initial land purchases.

“We are starting small, going one at a time to people who had expressed interest for early acquisition,” Fuller said. “We still don’t have a construction timetable.”

ODOT uses an independent appraisal firm to determine the price of each parcel based on its market value and whether there are any structures on the land.

“It is a typical real estate offer as if you were in the private sector,” the spokesperson said.

For those selling land, ODOT does provide relocation services, if landowners request it, to find property for them to move to.

“We try to help them find a place and give them time to move in,” Fuller said. “It does help to do early acquisition to find a property. People who want to stay close to the area, there may not be that many properties on the market. It is not cut and dried.”



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  • Poor Richard

    The bypass is NOT a link between Huntington and Ironton.

    The link originated as an idea by West Virginians to help industrial transportation into Huntington, ODOT has that information. Since there is no industry left in Htgn, I do not see a reason to link Ohio, yet for the 7th time, to WV. Lawrence County already has 6 bridges connecting the hillbilly states, we certainly do not need more so we can send Ohioans over to those states to spend money and allow better access for drug heads to come into Ohio. How stupid, absolutely riduclous is that? Given that many counties in WV along the Ohio river have NO BRIDGE, maybe the rednecks need to rethink their strategy and particularly the large sums of money being spent on yet another bridge. The bypass is ugly, was not well thought out, does not meet engineering standards, has a hazardous waste dump underneath it, and is a pointless waste of money. Maybe ODOT should use the bypass funds to fix some of the state roads and slips that need attention. Oh my god, no, actually repair something!

    Lawrence County officials have ruined what once was the most beautiful parts of the county. They have destroyed fertile farmland for houses, created more traffic, more out-of-staters moving in, have created one of the most ugly haphazard developments in the entire state. I’ve even had friends from Columbus comment about the developments in that area. It’s beyond disgusting, it is tragic.

    (Report comment)

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