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Ellisonville Park will never be forgotten

Published 12:27pm Friday, February 1, 2013

I wanted to share this poem written by Ray Wilson in January.

“Just north of Ironton off of highway 93 was a beautiful park they called Ellisonville, but some politician said it could no longer be, so they tore it down against the people’s will.

The people fought to keep it but it was all in vain. They just wouldn’t listen to what they had to say. You can’t fight the government, they always get their way. They said that beautiful Ellisonville Park could no longer stay.

Then they came with their bulldozers, backhoes and shovels so now it looks like a mudhole.

It’s so sad to view, but the picture of that beautiful park in mind will always stay and that’s one thing that’s for sure, they’ll never take that away.

It will be long remembered in so many people’s minds — the picnics and reunions where school children had good times.

But now it’s gone forever. Oh, it just don’t seem real, that old park that was loved so out at Ellisonville.”

James Caudill



Concealed-carry permits could serve as gun control

For gun control, if the federal government would pass a law to have a concealed-carry permit to buy or sell guns or ammunitions and be 18 to obtain both, issued by the county sheriff’s department, this would stop the mentally ill or felons from buying either.

Violators should get a five-year prison sentence.

Ray B. Powers



We must not forget the joys of the process of life

Life is a process and friends a must. “We learned it all in kindergarten” is a good statement.

But we were not in kindergarten alone, so if we all learned our lessons, this could be a good world to live in.

That I found out when I decided to make spending money, after our sixth child started to school. What a journey. I began to clean houses. I started at one and grew to 50.

Oh, the lessons I learned, the experiences unreal. The people I met, the great ideas. All of you who trusted me in your homes and taught me so much. I looked forward to going in these homes.

Maybe God let me go into the best homes, but it was a blessing for me and them.

Betty Cox



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