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Do we really want to make nation great?

Published 9:39am Tuesday, April 2, 2013

As I look around me and read comments on social media, I begin to fear for the future of our country.

The hostility between right and left; liberal and conservative; Democrat and Republican; is scary. I begin to wonder if similar hostility ignited the revolutionary, or civil war.

Are we destined to have another war in our homeland?

The founding fathers definitely advocated individual rights, but I believe there was a clause in there somewhere mentioning “the common good”.

Yes, we all have the right to keep and bear arms, as our forefathers did with their muskets; but do we necessarily have the right to an automatic assault weapon whose only purpose is to slaughter? We register our home and possessions for insurance and tax purposes, why object to registering weapons?

If you are not a criminal and have nothing to hide, why not register your guns openly. I must believe in the common good and I cannot foresee government agents marching door to door seizing your guns.

On another note, who among us can cast the first stone and say our family was “pure” American and only spoke English? Immigration policies in our country are archaic and need to be a little more understanding of everyone’s rights.

Why are we so egotistical that we believe we are better than a poor Mexican crossing the river to provide a better life for his family, when our grandfather did the same thing from Ireland, or Germany?

Please take a second look around you at the big picture. We did not start this country with individuals; we started it as “we the people.”

Be a little understanding of all sides of the picture and let’s work together for the common good.

Let’s stop this sequester and get on with making this a great country instead of breaking it down.

Bette L. Backus

Kitts Hill


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