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Evidence clear we are hurting our planet

Published 9:46am Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Abby Fowler’s recent letter to the editor on the need to reduce carbon emissions was a breath of fresh air.

The evidence that our climate is changing, and that the burning of fossil fuels is responsible is clear. The 10 hottest years on record have all been in the last 15 years, with 2010 and 2005 the hottest single years.

In the United States, 2012 was the hottest year in the data, with record highs outpacing record lows by an unheard of factor of 115 to 1.

The last time the earth experienced a month with a mean temperature lower than the 20th Century average for that month was February 1985. That is 341 consecutive months above the 20th Century average.

Further evidence can be found in the loss of ice worldwide. The arctic ice cap is rapidly disappearing. It shrank dramatically in 2012, shattering modern records.

The former Chief Oceanographer of the U.S. Navy Rear Admiral David Titley is now predicting that the arctic could be largely ice free for months at a time by 2030. The massive ice sheets of Greenland and West Antarctica are showing serious signs of instability and could each contribute twenty feet of sea level rise if they were to collapse

Stronger storms will result from greater heat in the atmosphere. How many of us in the Tri-State had ever heard of a derecho before last summer? Remember, Superstorm Sandy hit New York on Oct. 29. We are used to hurricanes striking Miami in August, but New York on Halloween?

How much more evidence is required before we act?

There are simple things we can do as a nation and a planet. Invest in clean energy and build a 21st Century power grid. Support President Barack Obama’s program to reduce pollution from power plants. Build more energy-efficient vehicles, homes and appliances.

This problem can be solved but we must begin now.

Robert McCollister



  1. mikehaney

    There are simple things we can do as a nation and a planet. Invest in clean energy and build a 21st Century power grid. Support President Barack Obama’s program to reduce pollution from power plants. Build more energy-efficient vehicles, homes and appliances.————————————————-
    And before you know it we’ll be back to making all this stuff with a fire,charcoal and a hammer.
    Better put your order in now. :)

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  2. mikehaney

    We must outlaw paved roads,driveways,shopping centers,big cities,etc.
    Urbanization increases surface runoff, by creating more impervious surfaces such as pavement and buildings, that do not allow percolation of the water down through the soil to the aquifer. It is instead forced directly into streams or storm water runoff drains, where erosion and siltation can be major problems, even when flooding is not. Increased runoff reduces groundwater recharge, thus lowering the water table and making droughts worse, especially for farmers and others who depend on the water wells.

    When anthropogenic contaminants are dissolved or suspended in runoff, the human impact is expanded to create water pollution. This pollutant load can reach various receiving waters such as streams, rivers, lakes, estuaries and oceans with resultant water chemistry changes to these water systems and their related ecosystems.

    A 2008 report by the United States National Research Council identified urban stormwater as a leading source of water quality problems in the U.S.[6]

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  3. mikehaney

    Evidence clear we are hurting our planet—false statement right out of the chute.
    Climate change? MAYBE. Man made? No evidence out there at this time.
    Some men thought the earth was flat also, and the universe rotated around it, and DDT was killing the eagle eggs.
    Found out the last statement was true and it was corrected.

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  4. bklibrary

    An informing article Bob. I know you worked hard on gathering your information. My father who worked thirty-eight years in a cement factory as a welder and machinist. He worked in some of the worst conditions that any human being could with stand. He drew his retirement but not one penny of any type of lung compensation. So did about one hundred and forty other men. Some people refuse to acknowledge this and what has happened to not only humans but our earth’s atmosphere, water, contaminated soil. Some of you who disagree look at Ohio River and all of its tributaries.

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  5. mikehaney

    Ohio can teach feds on deficit
    Published 12:00am Sunday, August 18, 2013

    Columbus versus Washington. It sounds like chapters in an American history book but is actually a very current political battle that could end with Ohio taxpayers being the big winners.

    Gov. John Kasich has challenged the federal government, and ultimately the legislatures of our states, to approve a plan that would require a balanced budget every year at the federal level.

    That sure makes sense to me.
    First on the agenda;fire EPA and get everyone back to work. If Obama wants to screw with the economy; he would either have to cancel some vacations or fire somebody.

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  6. 79Tiger

    BS! Al Gore, the father of global warming, is truely the godfather of global warming, which by the way does not exist. He does nothing to reduce “his” carbon emissions and jets from one side of the globe to the other to warn others of the need to sacrifice when he does nothing. When Al Gore lives the lifestyle of the strictist order of the Amish, then I may, note I said may, take him seriously. Until then he is just a clown. Even the scientists who first came up with the global warming theory admitted it was based on flawed data but they ran with it anyway. Precisely because they know there is a fool born every minute that will believe them. They have been proven so many times that they now refer to it as global climate change. Well duh! It has been and always be weather. There have always been 4 seasons in a 365 day period. There was once an ice age centuries ago. What caused the ice to melt then? Man? Dinasaurs? The industrial revolution? I mention this because some people will actually believe that.

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  7. mikehaney

    “The only way to get our society to truly change is to frighten people with the possibility of a catastrophe.”—Emeritus Professor Daniel Botkin

    “Coal makes us sick. Oil makes us sick. It’s global warming. It’s ruining our country. It’s ruining our world.—Harry Reid, U.S. Senate majority leader

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  8. mikehaney

    15 signs that global warming is a fraud

    The listed on June 29, 2013 the top 15 signs that global warming is a fraud:

    Alarmists are fanatical and dishonest in opposing cleaner energy such as natural gas
    Politicians hand-pick “reports” and “evidence”
    CO2 is reported as record levels although there is no statistical significance
    Democrats have adopted global warming as a fact, smearing anyone who disagrees
    EPA still uses data from confessed frauds
    Global warming is blamed on anything and everything
    Ice sheets are growing, not shrinking
    Al Gore’s award winning propaganda film has been banned in Britain due to “outrageous falsehood and wild exaggerations”
    The Earth is not getting warmer
    There never was a “consensus” of experts, it is made up
    Scandals have forced even proponents of the scam of green to reverse course
    Evidence shows alarmists statements to be “deeply-flawed since the beginning”
    “It really is the Sun, Stupid.”
    Top experts “misrepresented pure speculation as hard fact and inventing ridiculous hoaxes at every turn”
    “enormously influential scientists directing this scam have been caught blatantly doctoring data, vindictively silencing anyone who does not conform and plotting to set up bogus ‘investigations’ to whitewash their corruption out of the picture”
    16. Liberals are feeding the non-thinking masses a kool-aid cocktail so they will “believe”.

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  9. Lil Hilary

    The science of climate change is complex, but everyone should know the basics: the Earth is heating up because gases produced from vehicles, power plants, deforestation, and other sources are building up in the atmosphere, acting like a thick blanket over our planet. I’m encouraged to see the majority here in the tri state embrace science instead of the flat earthers.
    Thanks for the letters Abby and Robert. How refreshing…..

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    • mikehaney

      I’m encouraged to see the majority here in the tri state embrace science.

      Since when is your “false” science embraced by the majority?

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  10. keta

    I’m so encouraged to see these two letters in the Tribune. I’m afraid we live in a place where we’re expected to believe the propaganda that to oppose burning coal and support cleaner energy sources is unpatriotic and wrong. Despite the poison and filth, the disasters and deaths, the poverty and illness, coal companies and their supporters have been able to shape public opinion on this subject for too long. Their act is getting old. Their days are numbered, thank God.

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    • mikehaney

      Wind farms are not fined for killing eagles and protected species

      Wildlife Society Bulletin confirmed in a study that “turbine blades will kill 14 million birds and bats during the next decade” even if no more wind turbines will be built. Not long ago, bird watchers in Scotland witnessed in horror when a very rare and fast bird which had not been seen in over twenty-two years, was chopped up by the blades of a wind turbine.

      Fox News reported that wind farms are not fined for killing eagles and protected species, but oil companies have been prosecuted when birds drown in waste pits or if birds are electrocuted by power lines.

      President Obama’s plan to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 80 percent (drastic reductions in nuclear, coal, and natural gas generated energy) requires at least 25 times more electricity production from wind turbines. Dr. Taylor believes this would lead to the death of 350 million birds and bats in the U.S. each decade, an “aviary holocaust.”

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  11. mickakers

    Robert McCollister; Thank you for your article, care and concern. A little common sense goes a long way.

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  12. mikehaney

    Before the Little Ice Age, Norwegian Vikings sailed as far north and west as Ellesmere Island, Skraeling Island and Ruin Island for hunting expeditions and trading with the Inuit groups who already inhabited the region.[11] Between the end of the 15th century and the 20th century, colonial powers from Europe dispatched explorers in an attempt to discover a commercial sea route north and west around North America. The Northwest Passage represented a new route to the established trading nations of Asia, as in 1493 to defuse trade disputes, Pope Alexander VI split the discovered world in two between Spain and Portugal; thus France, the Netherlands, and England were left without a sea route to Asia, either via Africa or South America,[12] unless their ships defied the ban and explored such waters regardless (they did, and the ban became unenforceable). England called the hypothetical northern route the “Northwest Passage”. The desire to establish such a route motivated much of the European exploration of both coasts of North America. When it became apparent that there was no route through the heart of the continent, attention turned to the possibility of a passage through northern waters. This was driven in some part by scientific naiveté, namely an early belief that seawater was incapable of freezing (as late as the mid-18th century, Captain James Cook had reported, for example, that Antarctic icebergs had yielded fresh water, seemingly confirming the hypothesis), and that a route close to the North Pole must therefore exist.[12] The belief that a route lay to the far north persisted for several centuries and led to numerous expeditions into the Arctic, including the attempt by Sir John Franklin in 1845. In 1906, Roald Amundsen first successfully completed a path from Greenland to Alaska in the sloop Gjøa.[13] Since that date, several fortified ships have made the journey.

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  13. mikehaney

    Here we go again. Derecho? :)

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