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Historian to speak about Civil War

Published 11:15am Friday, October 11, 2013


Event part of anniversary events


The famous Battle of Bull Run during the Civil War actually happened twice.

Civil War buffs — either aware or unaware of the aforementioned — will have a chance to hear about Bull Run and many other battles between the North and the South Monday.

At 6 p.m. at the Burlington Baptist Church, 7309 County Road 1 in South Point, retired history professor Bob Leith will talk about American Civil War armies, soldiers and events from 1891 to 1863.

The speech is part of the Lawrence County 150th Anniversary Commemoration Civil War Activities and Events schedule.

“Bob is an expert on the Civil War,” Steve Call, Ohio University Southern professor and organizer of the Civil War events. “He recently spoke at the Civil War Symposium in Lancaster, Pa. He does a great job of putting people in the time he’s speaking about and gives a first-person approach to history.”

Leith has taught many types of history throughout his career, but admits he particularly likes a certain period.

“I really like the Civil War,” he said. “I can honestly say it is my favorite topic.”

A sizeable crowd showed up in Burlington previously for the discussion about the role Lawrence County played in the Underground Railroad.

“I don’t want to bore people with this event,” Leith said. “I will hit the high notes of the battles, explain each one and following the discussion about each battle there will be a question-and-answer session. I’ll talk about where places are, how the battle got its name, the chief protagonists and antagonists of the battle, what element of human error was involved and the impact the battle had on the overall war.”

Call said the years 1861-1863 are being lumped together this year so next year’s events can coincide accordingly with the anniversary. An event showcasing music of the Civil War was held on Sept. 23 at which 40 people were in attendance.

“An interest in a program focusing on the art and photography of the Civil War was expressed,” Call said. “This possibility will be explored.”

Future events are planned, such as a showing of the movie “Glory” at the Ironton and South Point Briggs libraries in February. A presentation about Civil War documents is also being discussed.

Call welcomes input on other events or activities. He can be reached by email at or by calling 740-550-9540.



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