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How you like them apples?

Published 11:41am Friday, October 18, 2013

Ironton Farmers Market continues this Saturday


October may be the last month of the Ironton Farmers Market but that doesn’t mean it is slowing down.

This weekend beginning at 7 a.m. at its usual location on South Second Street the market will hold “Apple Fest,” an event organized and conducted by Ironton In Bloom. It is the seventh special event of the season.

“Fried apples and hot biscuits will be available to all who attend,” Sam Heighton, market manager, said. “We are sure this will be another great day at the market. We were not disappointed with the corn fest or tomato fest earlier this year, so we are looking forward to this one being equally, if not more successful.”

The apples will be prepared on site and served at 9:30 a.m. Kelley’s Bridge Band will take the stage at 10 a.m. and entertain the crowd with its Irish music.

“It’s been a great year for the market,” Heighton said. “This is the first year of the official Farmers Market and attendance has gone up every week.”

Last Saturday the market hosted a Family Fun Festival where more than 2,500 people visited market throughout the day, according to Heighton.

“We’re looking forward to 2014 and we will have a busy winter planning for even bigger and better events for next year,” Heighton said. “I would like to thank Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital for their sponsorship this season. They have exceeded expectations.”

Heighton said honey would be available at the market this weekend, something that has often been missing from the market this year. The market’s nearly 20 vendors will be set up offering a plethora of fall products such as pumpkins, apples, gourds, peppers and sweet potatoes along with canned apple butter, jellies, jams, pickles, candy and baked goods.

Only market vendors will be at Apple Fest and the market’s last day will be Saturday, Oct. 26.

The Farmers Market is a project of Ironton aLive.


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