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‘ObamaCare’ step toward communism

Published 12:21am Sunday, October 20, 2013

ObamaCare is Obama’s first step in turning this country from a democracy to a communist country.

He should be impeached and this individual mandate should not go through.

If he is allowed to put this through, he will go after our guns next, which will enable him to fulfill his communistic agenda. We as the people need to stop him now.

The rollout of the program has been a disaster. Liberals like Joe Manchin want the delay of the individual mandate.

People who voted Obama in are already being sent to the poor house because of the hike in health care costs.

Congress exempted itself from the mandate for big business and with all the things considered I covered above, delaying it is what is best for the country.

James Nicholas

Huntington, W.Va.


Democrats to blame for ‘ObamaCare’ flaws

The best thing that happened to Republicans was the Democrats who held out for “Obamacare.”

This will really hurt the Democrats the next time it comes up for a vote, as the people will know just how many jobs that have been lost, and what price they will pay just to have insurance.

That is if you are not one of the 30 million that aren’t able to have it.

When you have to work two part-time jobs, not one 40-hour job, and have to buy a new insurance policy, or pay much more just to keep your present policy, you will learn that Obama’s lies about keeping your present policy and the price going down is nothing but a fable in his mind.

Or when you pay a penalty for not having insurance that you can’t afford, then vote Democrat and show your support for all those Democrats who you voted for.

Remember, you can’t blame this on any Republican, or George Bush.

It’s all Obama.

Homer Campbell



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