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Brock, Wise take Fayette race

Published 12:49am Wednesday, November 6, 2013

SOUTH POINT — The veteran and the newcomer took the two open seats on the board of Fayette Township Trustees in an upset race that defeated the other incumbent.

Going for his fifth term as trustee Perry Brock led the ticket pulling in 34.26 percent of the vote. However that was only 873 votes of the 2,548 who showed up at the polls on Tuesday.

“I feel great,” Brock said after the unofficial results were in. “I am so happy people in Fayette Township came out.”

Brock led from the very beginning with Travis Wise taking second place. Then incumbent Mike Finley, finishing up his second full term, took over the second spot with 1,479 votes counted.

However the final tally put Wise at 852 and Finley at 823.

During the last week of the campaign Brock and Finley were at odds over a gravel path Finley had put down along Burlington-Macedonia Road to provide a pathway for the handicapped. Brock was critical, not of the project, but the way Finley undertook it, bypassing the county engineer. That issue is now before the County Prosecuting Attorney.

Both men had joined forces to bring water lines to about 50 households on Macedonia Hill road that had never had running water. That project is still unrealized.

Brock attributes his years of service for his win,

“I think they wanted a change,” he said. “I just want to continue to serve the people of Fayette and do it within the law.”

Wise is the son of Terry Wise, who was a Fayette trustee for 12 years before serving as Fayette fiscal clerk. The younger Wise and Brock teamed up in the campaign, including sharing advertising and campaign signage.

“I’m feeling ecstatic, very excited, “ Wise said. “We knocked on door after door after door and we turned in the absentee votes, worked the absentee votes. I just want to accomplish all the work, the snow removal, blacktop, the gravel. And have open lines of communication. When they call, you call them back. You get back with them that day. I want to do that. I am looking to get back to driving the roads at least once a week.”

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