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Ironton In Bloom has many goals

Published 10:15am Friday, January 3, 2014

Even a little snow on the ground won’t stop Ironton In Bloom from planning its upcoming green season.

Since its inception, Ironton In Bloom has worked to beautify the city with its hanging flower baskets and large containers and a variety of contests to get the community involved in showing pride in the area.

And each year, more and more people show their support for the growing organization.

For Ironton In Bloom 2013 was a busy year. In addition to its usual work it joined the vendors at Ironton’s Farmers Market by having several special festivals, organized a community garden and planted a native garden at the St. Mary’s Medical Center Ironton Campus.

As the organizations looks ahead to the months to come, community support is still needed more than ever to keep the momentum going.

Spring will be here before we know it and Ironton In Bloom will be sending out its commitment letters requesting donations and container sponsorships.

If you are not able to donate money to the organization, we encourage you to donate a few hours of your time to help with plantings around the city or at your own home.

It only takes a little color to make the community come alive and makes all the difference for people who drive through the city.

We hope the community continues to support the efforts to make Ironton a more beautiful place to live.


  1. Poor Richard

    Ironton in Bloom has done a wonderful job for the city of Ironton. I’ve noticed such big improvements each year. I wish the village of Chesapeake had citizens with similar diligence. I drove through the village not long ago and while I noticed many well maintained homes and yards I also noticed some nasty stuff. There was a gas tank removed from a vehicle and left laying in front of a house on Riverside Drive, I saw some porches filled with junk, abandoned vehicles also on Riverside drive and next to the blue bridge, some yards filled with trash, saw a burned out vehicle close to the post office and right next to the street, some trash cans turned over with trash everywhere, painted lines on the streets are nearly invisible, trash and junk under carports of several homes. Not sure if rats run amuck in the trashy areas, likely so since its next to the river. Doesn’t the village have any ordinances to take care of the junk?? Do we still have a county health department?

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