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Neighbors are ‘angels in disguise’

Published 11:04am Thursday, January 30, 2014

We just want to say that parents and children who volunteered their services without pay to clean the walks, sidewalks and back porch area for the Paynes’ are most appreciated.

We looked out the window because our dog was barking, saw two fathers teaching their children how to shovel snow and clean the walks. Our neighbor told us he was beginning to clean the walks for us and the father told him to stop and they would do it for him. He told them he was a neighbor just trying to help out and they said, “We will do it for you.”

We don’t know who they were, but we really appreciate those fathers teaching their sons to help older people so they don’t fall when cleaning their walks.

Angels in disguise, all of them. Thanks.


Burt and Leona Payne



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