Published 2:57pm Saturday, March 15, 2014

Sheriff’s office

Forgery — 300 block of County 70, Proctorville, Feb. 5, woman reported checks she did not write were cashed out of her account.

Burglary, vandalism — 2700 block of State Route 93, Ironton, Feb. 5, residence broken into, old coins, firearm taken.

Theft — 16000 block State Route 243, Chesapeake, Feb. 11, man reported a credit card in his name used without his permission in the amount of $6,053.

Misuse of credit card — Walmart, South Point, Feb. 11, woman reported debit card stolen and used at Walmart in the amount of $216.

Vehicular vandalism — 100 block Township Road 1175, Proctorville, Feb. 11, woman alleged boyfriend kicked the dash of her car and kicked the driver’s side mirror.

Theft — Various locations, Feb. 12, man reported more than $8,000 taken from his bank account through ATM withdrawals.

Theft — 6200 block of County Road 1, South Point, March 9, woman reported canoe stolen from her yard.

Burglary — 200 block Township Road 279 E., South Point, March 10, residence broken into, cell phone, TV taken.

Petty theft — 40 block Township Road 1309, Proctorville, March 11, jewelry taken from residence.

Assault — Chesapeake High School, March 11, student allegedly assaulted classmate, taken to juvenile detention center.

Petty theft — CVS, Third Avenue, Chesapeake, March 12, employee alleged two suspects stealing items; Jamie Parsons, 33, of 1994 County Road 31, Chesapeake, and Misty Jones, 38, of 186 Township Road 1086, Chesapeake, arrested.

Domestic violence, juvenile offenses — Rock Hill Child Development Center, Ironton, March 7, director of school reported 12-year-old boy became violent with his mother and ran from the school out into traffic; juvenile transported to group home.

Domestic violence, disrupting public service — 600 block County Road 52, Ironton, March 8, man alleged woman living in his house punched holes in the walls, hit him and threatened to kill him and broke his phone; Rayette Alexander, 36, of the same address, arrested.

Aggravated burglary — 100 block Township Road 1057, Proctorville, March 8, man alleged returning to his house to see two people robbing his home; Johnny Lewis, 31, of 6451 County Road 12, Proctorville, and Jamie Welch, 30, of 1173 County Road 1 Lot 19, South Point, arrested.

Domestic violence — 2600 block County Road 213, Scottown, March 8, man and ex wife allegedly hitting each other; Randy Delong, 54, and Elizabeth Delong, 39, both of 2694 County Road 213, arrested.

Petty theft, possession of drug abuse instruments — Walmart, South Point, March 10, two people allegedly took items without paying; syringes and crack pipe allegedly found on male suspect; Michael Harrison, 29, and Amy Harrison, 23, both of 2508 Adams Ave., Huntington, W.Va., arrested.

Criminal trespass, possession of drugs — Walmart, South Point, March 10, man banned from Walmart found in store; allegedly had meth in his car; William Neace, 49, of 715 Jeff Valley, Greenup, Ky., arrested.

Breaking and entering — 4500 block County Road 45, Pedro, March 5, man reported hunting cabin broken into, miscellaneous farm equipment taken.

Breaking and entering, vandalism — 10000 block County Road 1, Chesapeake, March 1, booth at flea market broken into.

Burglary — 2200 block County Road 124, Chesapeake, March 1, residence broken into, jewelry taken.


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