Linda Dennison, seated, holds back the tears as Gary Prater performs the song “Habitat, It’s You and It’s Me” during a wall-raising ceremony in Miller on Friday.
Linda Dennison, seated, holds back the tears as Gary Prater performs the song “Habitat, It’s You and It’s Me” during a wall-raising ceremony in Miller on Friday.

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First Habitat home raises walls in Lawrence County

Published 12:00am Sunday, March 23, 2014

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Since 1990 the Huntington Area Habitat For Humanity has been helping families become owners of quality homes in Cabell County, W.Va.

In Miller this past Friday, the Huntington Area HFH raised walls for the first time in Lawrence County for construction on a home for Linda Dennison and her son, Preston Linville II.

“I’m a native of Lawrence County,” David Michael, executive director and CEO of the Huntington Area HFH, said. “With this home I challenge my fellow Lawrence Countians, my friends and neighbors. You now have this same opportunity to partner with Habitat and bring affordable housing to those who need it in this county.”

Gary Prater performed his song “Habitat, It’s You and It’s Me” during the wall-raising ceremony. Afterward, an already emotional Dennison rose from her seat to thank him for the song, as she broke her embrace from Prater she collapsed. Her son caught her before she hit the ground and got her back into her seat. An ambulance was called and she was transported to St. Mary’s Medical Center. Her condition was unknown at press time.

“This is one of three homes that received a total grant of $60,000 from us in concert with Citizens Deposit Bank out of Vanceburg,” Judith Rose, assistant vice president of Federal Home Loan Bank of Cincinnati, said. “But, now our thoughts and prayers are with Linda and her son; that they can heal and be a part of this happy home.”

Students from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Md., spent the week helping with construction of the home as part of HFH’s Colligate Challenge Program.



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    Thank you for your inquiry regarding Huntington WV Area Habitat for Humanity. For the past 24 years, our affiliate has served Cabell County, West Virginia. In 2012, we expanded our service area to Lawrence County, Ohio, serving the county in its entirety with the exception of Ironton, Coal Grove, and Hanging Rock. The only reason we do not serve these communities is because they fall under the Ashland-Ironton Habitat for Humanity service area. As such, the home you refer to being built on S. 7th Street would in fact have been constructed by the Ashland-Ironton Habitat for Humanity and not our affiliate.

    If you have further questions, feel free to contact our office Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. by calling (304)523-4822.

    Jennifer R. Hatten
    Director of Development and Communications

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  • tiggeroo

    A “Habitat” house was built in Ironton many years ago for the Brownings on S. 7th Street. I believe there were others built in Ironton as well. Doesn’t that count???

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    • Justin Prince

      Not sure about homes built in the 1990s but if they were, they were not built by the Huntington Area HFH.. By their own admission this is the first build they have done in Lawrence County.

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