Police Report—4/3/14

Published 10:30am Thursday, April 3, 2014

Jail log

— Heather Martin, 34, of 7140 Selby Road, Athens, warrants for arrest March 27 by the sheriff’s office.

— Dave Woodyard, 39, of 213 Township Road 1163, Proctorville, capias for arrest March 25 by the sheriff’s office.

— James Roberts, 43, homeless, warrants for arrest March 25 by the Ironton Police Department.

— Julie Pritchard, 37, of 2525 S. 11th St., Ironton, warrants for arrest March 24 by the OSHP.

— David Maynard, 44, of 1420 S. Fourth St., Ironton, domestic violence March 24 by the Ironton Police Department.

— Gerald Menshouse, 23, of 409 Lane St., Coal Grove, warrants for arrest March 25 by the Coal Grove Police Department.

— Brandon Russell, 27, of 240 Gervais St., Franklin Furnace, contempt of court March 24 by Ironton Municipal Court.

— Holli Sommerville, 24, of 539 Township Road 185, Chesapeake, commitment March 24 by the sheriff’s office.

— Toby Nelson, 38, of 2120 S. Sixth St., Ironton, warrants for arrest March 24 by the sheriff’s office.

— Nicholas Roman, 32, of 832 County Road 15, South Point, warrants for arrest March 22 by the OSHP.

— Kenneth Turvey, 37, of 11264 State Route 93, Pedro, warrants for arrest March 23 by the OSHP.

— Josh McKenzie, 29, of 3340 State Route 93, Oak Hill, capias for arrest March 21 by the sheriff’s office.

— Josh Mullens, 27, of 1874 Palestine Road, Ashton, W.Va., warrants, capias for arrest March 22 by the sheriff’s office.



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