Police Reports — 4/24/14

Published 10:33am Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sheriff’s office

Unruly child, assault — 18000 block State Route 243, Chesapeake, April 21, 21-year-old male and his 17-year-old girlfriend allegedly assaulted each other; Joshua Fulton, 21, of 18023 State Route 243, arrested; juvenile taken to group home.

Possession of drugs, drug paraphernalia — Collins Career Center, Chesapeake, April 21, K-9 dog indicated on a car in the parking lot; student allegedly admitted to having marijuana in his car; cited to court.

Telephone harassment, criminal trespass — 200 block Township Road 1013, South Point, April 15, woman alleged man harassing her via text message and showing up at her business without permission.

Breaking and entering, theft — 100 block Township Road 303, Proctorville, April 18, AT&T contracted employee reported wire missing from equipment shelter.

Cruelty to animals — Symmes Church Cemetery area, Chesapeake, April 23, man reported unnamed suspects shot a pit bull because they alleged it had bitten a child; deputy found dog but negative contact with suspects; dog bite not reported with 911 or sheriff’s office.

Assault — 500 block County Road 21, Ironton, April 20, woman alleged ex-husband assaulted her during an attempted court-ordered property exchange.

Theft — 11000 block County Road 1, Chesapeake, April 21, three AC units taken from Now Services property.

Assault — 20 block Township Road 1039, Chesapeake, April 21, two victims reported being assaulted by two known suspects.

Burglary — 1800 block State Route 775, Proctorville, April 21, woman reported home ransacked, cash and jewelry taken.

Theft — 20 block Township Road 347, Ironton, April 21, woman reported items taken from residence, suspects named.

Breaking and entering, theft — Private road in Ironton, April 22, 30-50 radiators reported stolen from House of Kustom.

Burglary — 600 block County Road 12, Proctorville, April 23, TV, gun reported taken from residence.

Possession of heroin — 30 block Township Road 1079, Chesapeake, April 18, 17 years old female taken to group home for possession of heroin.

Domestic violence, disrupting public service — 500 block County Road 59, Chesapeake, April 18, woman alleged husband threatened to gut her with a knife; when she tried to call the police, the husband allegedly grabbed her by the arms and neck and took the phone.

Burglary — 3000 block State Route 373, Pedro, April 20, TVs, medication, firearms and electronics stolen from residence.



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