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Barnes scored 11 points to help South beat North

Published 2:44am Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Jim Walker


COLUMBUS — South boys were able to rise again, but the South girls were forced to surrender.

The boys’ Division III-IV South All-Stars outscored the North 100-80 on Sunday in the annual Ohio High School Basketball Coaches’ Association North/South All-Star Games, but the Division III-IV girls’ South All-Stars lost 89-62 to the North.

South Point Pointers’ 6-foot-2 senior guard Brandon Barnes had 11 points — he drained three 3-pointers — and three rebounds in the South victory.

Lucasville Valley’s Hayden Dunn had 8 points.

Antonio Woods scored 16 points to lead the South. Nathan Scott of Eastern Brown scored 13 points.

In the girls’ game, Fairland Lady Dragons’ 6-4 senior center Terra Stapleton had nine points for the South.

North/South All-Star Games

Boys’ Division III-IV

North 34 46 = 80

South 37 63 = 100

NORTH: Kimbrough 5-0-12, McCreary 3-0-8, Hanley 2-2-6, Aldridge 8-0-20, Drewes 3-0-9, Perry 1-0-3, Stoudmire 2-1-6, Beans 7-0-16. 3-point goals: Aldridge 4, Drewes 3, Kimbrough 2, McCreary 2, Beans 2, Stoudmire, Perry. Totals: 31-3-80.

SOUTH: Weichman 2-1-5, Barnes 4-0-11, Riazzi 6-0-12, Scott 6-0-13, Woods 7-0-16, Moxley 6-0-12, Phlipot 6-1-14, Carpenter 3-1-9, Dunn 3-2-8. 3-point goals: Barnes 3, Woods 2, Carpenter 2, Phlipot, Scott. Totals: 43-5-100.

Girls’ Division III-IV

North 49 40 = 89

South 33 29 = 62

NORTH: Myers 4-0-10, Wyse 3-0-6, Putt 4-0-9, Aldridge 3-4-11, Sheerer 4-3-11, Hochstetler 4-3-13, Horstman 5-0-10, Besancon 5-0-12, Cash 2-0-4, Janota 0-3-3. 3-point goals: Myers 2, Hochstetler 2, Besancon 2, Aldridge, Putt. Totals: 34-13-89.

SOUTH: Wolford 3-0-8, Johnson 1-2-4, Borich 1-0-2, Koob 1-0-3, Williams 6-0-12, Spayde 4-0-11, Burdette 0-2-2, Rose 4-1-11, Stapleton 4-1-9. 3-point goals: Spayde 3, Rose 2, Wolford 2, Koob. Totals: 24-6-62.

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