Police Reports

Published 11:48am Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sheriff’s reports

Breaking and entering — Buckeye Rural Electric Co. substation, Scottown, July 21, 300 feet of copper wire and camera taken.

Abusing harmful intoxicants — 200 block High Street, South Point, July 24, woman reported client in outpatient drug program found huffing aerosol cans; Jeffrey Stephenson, 57, of 204 High St., South Point, arrested.

Recovered stolen vehicle — Township Road 218, July 24, Ford truck reported stolen from Grayson, Ky., found on roadway and towed.

Vandalism, petty theft — 200 block Township Road 275, Proctorville, July 24, home in foreclosure vandalized; drywall and toilets busted, kitchen cabinets removed, animal feces on walls, gutters removed.

Burglary — 8100 block State Route 522, Pedro, July 23, laptop taken from residence.

Theft — 3900 County Road 47, Waterloo, July 25, firearms taken from residence; suspect named.

Breaking and entering — 2400 block County Road 52, Ironton, July 25, garage broken into; wood splitter, tool box taken.

Breaking and entering — 3600 block County Road 52, Ironton, July 27, garage broken into; lawn mower, generator, tools, propane tanks taken,

Assault — 1100 block County Road 19, Kitts Hill, July 28, man alleged girlfriend’s stepfather punched and kicked him; Michael Runyon, 36, of 213 Township Road 1026, South Point, arrested.

Receiving stolen property — 2000 block County Road 30, Kitts Hill, July 25, stolen vehicle found; suspected said the vehicle was allegedly loaned to him; Brian Benicker, 33, of 605 Cliff St., Ironton, arrested.

Burglary — 100 block Township Road 1142, Proctorville, July 22, man allegedly entered home; James Day, 20, of 141 Township Road 1105, Proctorville, arrested.

Domestic violence — 100 block Township Road 1010, Chesapeake, July 23, woman alleged ex-husband threatened to kill her; Claude Ross, 61, of the same address, arrested.

Vandalism — 200 block Township Road 1161, Proctorville, July 17, vacant house vandalized; air unit cut apart for scrap, wiring taken from interior of home.

Breaking and entering — 10000 block State Route 775, Scottown, July 17, lawn mower taken from shed.

Breaking and entering — A private drive off State Route 775, Proctorville, July 17, lawn mower taken from shed.

Burglary — 400 block County Road 411, Proctorville, July 22, TV taken from residence.


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