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Fatherless families fatal

Despite the media play Chicago gets, it isn’t the official “Murder Capital of the U.S.A.” That unhappy distinction — based on the murder rate per ... Read more

Be part of Ironton revival

The latest trend on social media is the “I’m so Ironton” memories. While I enjoy each of them, I look at most from an outside ... Read more

Oath leader could keep

“I say it’s high time we update the wording of the presidential oath of office, which is specified in Article II, Section 1 of the ... Read more

Angry GOP on attack

Some Republicans have now openly advanced the argument or the Impeachment of President Barak Obama. Others, notably the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, have decided to ... Read more

Stiffer penalties needed for pet owners

The injuries 6-year-old Zainabou Drame received in a pit-bull attack last month are heartrending and unacceptable. Disturbingly, there’s little in either Ohio or Cincinnati law ... Read more