Ironton Birthday

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 10, 1999

Most of you probably know by now that Ironton will celebrate its 150th birthday this year.

Wednesday, March 10, 1999

Most of you probably know by now that Ironton will celebrate its 150th birthday this year.

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During the past few months, there have been a variety of events marking that sesquicentennial acheivement.

Well, March is no exception.

This month, River Valley Health System, THe Ironton Tribune and the Ironton Sesquicentennial Committee will mark this year’s celebration with a special salutr to healthcare.

The festivities will include a special reception and open house, which are scheduled for Wednesday, March 17, from 3 to 6 p.m. in the River Valley Health System lobby.

Come on down and share a little time with us. We will take you on a journey back to the days when healthcare came on horseback and doctors learned on the job.

We will have some memorabilia as well as a little bit of recent history, too.

After you have looked back at how things used to be, we will show you the future of healthcare in Lawrence County.

Tours will be offered to show off some of the most recent developments in treatment and equipment at River Valley Health System.

Both the look back and the glance ahead will help you understand where we have bees and where we are headed. Don’t miss the chance to add one more reason to be proud of your hometown.

Feel free to stop by anytime between 3-6 p.m. Thee is no need to call ahead. We will be expecting you.

As an added incentive, River Valley Health System will provide free refreshments for visitors.

Tours and displays are not all that is planned for March 17, either.

If you come at 5 p.m., you will get to share a very special ceremony with the River Valley Health System staff.

Hospital employees and members of the medical staff who have devoted more than 20 years each to the hospital and their community will be honored.

You will be very surpriwed at how many of the dedicated men and women who have taken care of your families for years have had long careers at their hometown hospital.

You will recognize many of their names. They are your friends and family.

Please take a little time to help us honor them.

There is no accident that the River Valley reception is scheduled on a Wednesday. We are hoping that you will take a little time before you go to church to stop by and say hello.

We understand if you only have a few minutes to spare, but we hope you will let us show you one of the many reasons Lawrence County and Ironton residents have to be proud of how far their hometown has come in the last 150 years.

A day when we all gather together as a church community to celebrate family and faith seems an especially appropriate time to celebrate an institution that has made a difference in so many lives.

Please join us.

Renee Carey is the managing editor of The Ironton Tribune