Abandoned building must be fixed or go

Published 12:00 am Monday, April 5, 1999

From U.

Wednesday, July 14, 1999

From U.S. 52, passersby can see a building that should be the focus of Lawrence County’s first efforts to intensify an economic development push.The structure is the empty Carlyle Tile plant.

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If the building could be renovated and a viable manufacturing facility created, the Greater Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce and Coal Grove and Lawrence County governments should all work jointly to find the grants necessary to get work started.

If the building cannot be salvaged, it needs to be torn down. The same agencies and governments can help here as well. There has to be grant money available somewhere to help with such a project.

That building has sat empty long enough and is a vivid reminder that this was once a thriving manufacturing town that has since lost a few industries.

It does not send a message of progress and confidence to a potential industrial client.

In addition to the poor image it projects to residents and visitors, the Carlyle Tile plant is a hazard. A child who wandered into the building could injure himself. A vandal could cause a blaze that could have tragic consequences.

If economic development is truly a top priority for Lawrence County, then it is time to start polishing up our image. This area has a first-rate workforce. Now is the time to show potential employers that this is a community that is ready to do business.