Hopefuls file for election

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 5, 1999

It’s almost that time of year again – the General Election.

Thursday, August 05, 1999

It’s almost that time of year again – the General Election. Political hopefuls have been filing for public office since the first of the year, but petitioning has picked up now that the Aug. 19 filing deadline is nearer.

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"It’s still slow, though," Lawrence County Board of Elections director Mary Wipert said.

"We’ve not had that many compared to other years, but people wait until the last minute," Mrs. Wipert said.

No county government seats are open this year, except for the city and county municipal judge chairs.

But the filing deadline for that race was May 3, leaving Judge Clark Collins and Judge Donald Capper unopposed.

Generally, all township clerks and one trustee from each township will run this year.

In muncipalities, voters will see mayors, clerk-treasurers and two council seats on the ballot, with the exception of Ironton and South Point, Mrs. Wipert said.

In Ironton, the clerk’s position is appointed. But the mayor’s seat and three council seats are open for election.

In South Point, the clerk’s and treasurer’s seats are separate, meaning there will be a race for each office.

School board races this year will be mixed on election ballots, with each having two or three seats in the hands of voters.

The Ironton Board of Education has three open seats plus an unexpired term that will be on the ballot separately.

In other words, the top three vote-getters who filed for Ironton’s general board seats will take those posts, Mrs. Wipert said. The top vote-getter who filed separately for the unexpired seat will take over that post.

As of Monday, those who have filed petitions for election and for what office are:


– Aid: Judith Balmer, clerk; Gerald Herrell, trustee.

– Decatur: Garold Cox, trustee; Edmond Allbright, clerk; William Brian Phillips, clerk.

– Elizabeth: Steve Wilds, trustee; Lois Barcus, clerk.

– Fayette: Les York, clerk; Rena Fulks, clerk.

– Hamilton: Sue Robinson, clerk; Vic Hopper, trustee; Paul Bryan Birkel; John Gagai, clerk; Bill Robinson, trustee.

– Lawrence: Don Mootz, clerk.

– Mason: Michall Pinkerman, trustee.

– Perry: Douglas E. Malone, trustee.

– Rome: Maxine Jenkins, clerk; Charles H. Fuller, trustee.

– Symmes: Donald Lee Myers, trustee; Henry Ray Taylor, clerk; Jack Wiseman, trustee.

– Union: Terry L. Porter, trustee; Randy Wood, clerk.

– Upper: Eddie Markins, clerk; Ronda Primm, clerk; Jerry L. Rowe, trustee.

– Washington: No filers.

– Windsor: Ernie Mann, trustee; Marvin McCallister, clerk; Mark A. Johnson, trustee.


– Athalia: Ron McClintock, mayor; Andrea Shafer, clerk-treasurer.

– Chesapeake: Peggy Houston, clerk-treasurer.

– Hanging Rock: No filers.

– Ironton: Bob Cleary, mayor; Mary Lee Kennedy, council.

– Proctorville: Darrell L. Legg, clerk-treasurer; Jimmy Buchanan, mayor.

– South Point: Buel Collins, council.

– Coal Grove: No filers.

School Boards

– Lawrence County Educational Service Center: Gerald Love, Darrell Davis.

– Chesapeake-Union: Paul Leffingwell, Carl W. Johnson, Carl B. Lilly.

– Dawson-Bryant: No filers.

– Fairland: Jeffrey Fuller Gorby, Jim Lafon, David W. Judd.

– Ironton: No filers.

– Rock Hill: Jimmy Dale Massie, Jessie Boles, Fred Wells.

– South Point: Jim Scherer, Terry Blake, Bernard Belville.

– Symmes Valley: No filers.

Those currently holding seats that are up for election this year include:


– Aid: trustee Garold Herrell, clerk Judy Balmer.

– Decatur: trustee Garold Cox, clerk Edmond Allbright.

– Elizabeth: trustee Steve Wilds, clerk Lois Barcus.

– Fayette: trustee Don Hackworth, clerk Dan D. Fulks.

– Hamilton: trustee Bill Robinson, clerk Mary Sue Robinson.

– Lawrence: trustee Jon P. Collier, clerk Don Mootz.

– Mason: trustee Michael Pinkerman, clerk Paula Reynolds.

– Perry: trustee Douglas Malone, clerk George A. Rowe.

– Rome: trustee Charles Fuller, clerk Maxine Jenkins.

– Symmes: trustee C.D. Pemberton, clerk Henry Ray Taylor.

– Union: trustee Terry Porter, clerk Randy Wood.

– Upper: trustee Jerry Rowe, clerk Eddie Markins.

– Washington: trustee Garnet Keels, clerk Patricia Keels.

– Windsor: trustee Mark A. Johnson, clerk Marvin L. McCallister.


– Athalia: Mayor Ron McClintock, clerk-treasurer Andrea Shafer, councilman Hobart Hoover, councilman Ralph Miller.

– Chesapeake: Mayor Jimmie Justice, clerk-treasurer Peggy Houston, councilman Paul Hart Jr., councilman Dain Spears.

– Hanging Rock: Mayor Wayne Pennington, clerk-treasurer Tony Hopper, councilman Donald Sanders, councilman Michael Citti.

– Ironton: Mayor Bob Cleary, councilwoman Mary Lee Kennedy, councilman Jesse Roberts, councilman Joe Black.

– Proctorville: Mayor Jim Buchanan, clerk-treasurer Darrell Legg, councilwoman Lisa Nutter, councilman Charles Carson.

– South Point: Mayor Bill Gaskin, clerk Scott Thomas, treasurer William Caines, councilman Buel Collins, councilman David Hamm.

– Coal Grove: Mayor Glen Markins, clerk-treasurer Diana G. Nance, councilman robert Self, councilman Frederick P. Roush.

School Boards

– Lawrence County Educational Service Center: Darrell E. Davis, Gerald C. Love.

– Chesapeake-Union: Paul Leffingwell, Carl B. Lilly, Arthur Suiter.

– Dawson-Bryant: Don McClean, Kay B. Swartzwelder.

– Fairland: Lester Brumfield Jr., Jim Lafon.

– Ironton: B.J. Hannon, Kathy McGinnis, James Weber; Kathy Kratzenberg holds the unexpired seat of Steve Harvey.

– Rock Hill: Terry Barker, Jimmy D. Massie, Fred Wells.

– South Point: Bernie Belville, Terry W. Blake, Gene McKee.

– Symmes Valley: Albert Childers, James Evan Wall.