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Candidates have 1 more day to file

Candidates for the November elections have one more day to file petitions for office, but county residents can wait until October before registering to cast ballots.

Wednesday, August 18, 1999

Candidates for the November elections have one more day to file petitions for office, but county residents can wait until October before registering to cast ballots.

Thursday afternoon, the door will be closed on political office seekers when the Lawrence County Board of Elections locks up.

Voter registration for the General Election remains open until Oct. 4. Registration forms must be received or postmarked 30 days before the election to be valid for that election.

As of Monday, Lawrence County’s registered voters totaled 43,117 – with 4,880 registered as Democrats, 6,428 registered as Republican, 30,146 registered as non-partisan, 1,657 listed as other and six listed as Reform Party members.

During the 1998 General Election, 19,132 total voters out of 42,634 registered at that time cast ballots.

Turnout at the Nov. 2 election, which features local races and tax issues, might only change slightly, officials predict.

"It’s about the same anymore," said Mary Wipert, board of elections director.

"But I think it might actually bring out more people than a regular election, other than the presidential race," Mrs. Wipert said, adding that familiarity with local names on the ballot might be a factor.

Open political seats attracted 45 more filers as of Tuesday afternoon, including six for three Ironton Board of Education seats.

Specific filings are:

– Kathy McGinnis, Ironton school board (full term).

– Lester Brumfield, Fairland Board of Education member.

– Charles Belden Wall, Symmes Valley Board of Education member.

– William F. Cains, South Point treasurer.

– William L. Hannon, Ironton school board (full term).

– Kathy Kratzenberg, Ironton school board (full term).

– Jimmy L. Justice, Chesapeake mayor.

– Charles R. Carson, Proctorville council.

– Robert E. Mayo, Fairland school board.

– Charles L. Stapleton, Proctorville mayor.

– Joyce C. Stollings, Chesapeake council.

– Sherman Allen, Perry Township trustee.

– Michael Lynd, South Point school board.

– Don McClean, Dawson-Bryant school board.

– Pamela T. Wilds, Elizabeth Township clerk.

– Steve Wyant, Chesapeake school board.

– Vic Hopper Jr., Hanging Rock mayor.

– Jesse Roberts, Ironton City Council.

– Paul D. Kuehne, Ironton school board (full term).

– Don Hackworth, Fayette Township trustee.

– Larry Bishop, Elizabeth Township clerk.

– Russell Shepherd, Symmes Valley school board.

– Wayne D. Pennington, Hanging Rock mayor.

– George A. Rowe, Perry Township clerk.

– Michael Citti, Hanging Rock council.

– Tim Crank, Rock Hill school board.

– Joe Mack Henson, Proctorville mayor.

– James M. Harber, Proctorville council.

– Cecil Mays, Symmes Township trustee.

– Patricia Keels, Wasington Township clerk.

– Garnet Keels, Washington Township trustee.

– John M. Aldridge Jr., Coal Grove council.

– James T. Holt III, Ironton school board (full term).

– Melodie Brumfield, Athalia council.

– Diana Nance, Coal Grove clerk-treasurer.

– Donald Christian, Symmes Valley school board.

– B.T. McKnight, Coal Grove mayor.

– Allan Blankenship, Perry Township trustee.

– Lisa Nutter, Proctorville council.

– Sandra Kay McComas, Symmes Township clerk.

– Fredrick Phillip Rouse, Coal Grove council.

– C.D. Pemberton, Symmes Township trustee.

– Marlene Arthur, South Point council.

– Timmy Hayes, Windsor Township clerk.

– Richard Price, Ironton school board (full term).

Lawrence Countians can register to vote at the Board of Elections office, secretary of state’s office and branch offices, public high schools and vocational schools, offices of the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, designated public assistance of disability agencies, public libraries, the county treasurer’s office or by mail.

If registering by mail, the form must be postmarked 30 days before the election to be considered.

If registering in person, the form must be received 30 days before the election to be considered.

For more information about voting, call the Ohio secretary of state’s office at 1-614-466-2585 or visit the website at http://www.state.oh.us/sos/